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62, प्रेस्टिज कोरनिच, ग्राउंड फ्लोर, विक्टोरिया लेआउट, रिचमंड रोड, रिचमंड टाउन, बैंगलोर - 560025, Karnataka
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Products: Activity Games, Adventure Games, Art & Craft Toys, Baby Toys, Board Games, Building Sets & Blocks, Clip Art, Competitive Educational CD ROM, Curriculum based Educational CD ROM, Dolls, Educational Toys, Educational VCD, Electronic Toys, Furn Toys, Games & Puzzles, Inflatables, Kids Educational CD ROM, Mechanical Toys, Outdoor Play Toys, Plastic Toys, Preschool Toys, Racing Games, Remote Controlled Toys, Role Playing Games, Rubber Toys, Skill Improvement CD ROM, Sound & Fonts, Tycoon Games, Wind Up Toys, Wooden Toys
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Sapphire Toys Private Limited: This toy shop has been around for 40 years, and retails close to 10,000 varieties of toys. Sapphire is a toy shop that carries toys for newborns, all the way up to 15-year-olds. Most of their toys are sourced from China. They stock indoor and outdoor games. On the ground floor there are board games, action figures, toy cars, paints, dolls and cartoon figures. On the second floor there are child-sized cars that can actually be driven. They also have an abundance of soft toys, and furniture for babies, like cribs and strollers.

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Sapphire Banshankri 3stage, worst ever toy shop that I come across, where a bunch of uneducated people are staff and manager is one crap, who don't know what is customer care all about and they are running this place as if it's a roadside market. Not worth even a visit
RUDEST of all the store attendants you will find ever. They don't mind SCREAMING and MISBEHAVING with your child trying to take a closer look on the toys placed in the racks without causing any damage or posing any threat, thus demoralizing him. Same with the store owner who rather encourages his staffs to continue their disgusting policing and rude behavior. They do not mind losing customers since they sell their UNRELIABLE & CHEAP toys at 25% to 30% hiked prices and they have spent enough to set their showrooms
I recommend this toy store over every other in Bangalore.
I've been going to Sapphires for the last 20 years and have always been happy with the quality of their toys and the variety of their games. I still haven't found a toy store in Bangalore that rivals them in terms of variety and price. The premises are spacious and well lit, the selection is huge, and the store is in a well-connected part of the city.
In simple words its a rip off and a shame.
they are DHOKA-BAAZ shop.
i had purchased 37 Pokemon Booster Packs, which contained only 9 cards, instead of the printed 10 ,and the most Valuable card was missing in all 37 packs, and on that the online UNLOCK code was missing on all the 37 packs. which means the packs were opend, ripped off the Rare cards and code cards and then repacked. they are dirty Theifs., the staff is so arrogant and careless.
Agree to all the comments above, the SADDEST shop we have ever visited in Bangalore. Bought 3 toys all of which were damaged, and the Manager or owner, whoever that was had the arrogance to say that no refund, just take it, i have sold thousands of these peices without any complaint. One was a toy tent, the frame was bigger than the tent, it would not fit. The manager says thats how it is, no other piece will be open to check if theere was a better peice. and he walked off saying that just take anything else of the same value. The other toy was a penguin set on a run way, the runways could not be connected, they kind of scraped the plasctic and made it connect, and finally a CD, finding nemo, which does not work. PLEASE DONT GO TO THIS SHOP ... और देखें
I totally agree with the sentiments of some of these earlier reviewers. For a 'flagship' toy store that has been around in prime, mutli-thousand foot locations and in business for so long, Sapphire's success and growth reflects very poorly on the competition ! Theirs is curmudgeonly, small trader type approach to doing business. Give this a skip, entirely. The market should be running places like this out of business, not allowing them to prosper.
Visit this shop only if you dont mind hagling with rowdy security guards in front of family and kids
this is the most disgusting shop i have ever visited ... manager and their staffs too are arrogant especially at the gate entrance one staff don't even know to talk. it seems that this owner can do anything.. i heard saying someone that my manager(owner) will kill you and that too a kid... shameless people.. one more thing i want to share they only believe that their things are things and rest if anybody's things are worthless.... i and my friends decided never ever to visit that store.. and family members are hereby informed not to visit sapphire toys private limited,richmond road bangalore
PLZ do not visit this store if you do wish to not embarass yourself before your kids and familiy. The manager certainly seems convinced that he is next to god and will not hesitate to use the most disgusting of language in front of absolutely anyone. Was absolutely shocked to see the security guard yelling at a customer right under the nose of the manager who did not mind it one bit.
Seriously this is the most disgusting place to shop for kids purely because of the outrageously rude store manger and other staff in there. As the owner of a play home, I visited the store in Koramangala to shop for toys and was absolutely blown away by the sad and disgusting attitude of the person who claimed to be the manager there.
I just fail to understand how a store dealing with kids products and actually has kids and families visit them regularly can be managed by a bunch of goons. ME and my entire set of friends in the play school business have decided to never ever visit Sapphire Toys ever again
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