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2-ई, 3र्ड लेन, म्कनिचोल्स रोड, चेटपेट, चेन्नई - 600031, Tamil Nadu
नियर कुसलम्बल कल्यान मंडपम


cash, credit card
Stool Test: नो
Urine Test: येस
Treadmill Test: नो
24 Hours: येस
Hearse Van: नो
Blood Tests: येस
Lungs Test: येस
Home Delivery: नो
24 Hours: येस
Optical Test: येस
Nerve & Vein Test: नो
X-Ray: येस
Heart Test: येस
Scan: येस
Air Ambulance: नो
Specialization: ओर्दोपेडिक, ऑन्कोलॉजी, दिय्बेतोलोग्य, डेर्मैटोलोगी, एन्डोक्रिनोलोगी, गस्त्रोएँतेरोलोग्य, पुल्मोनोलोग्य, रहेउमतोलोग्य, गाईनेकोलॉजी एंड ओब्स्टेट्रिक्स, इमर्जेन्सी एंड ट्रॉमा कैर, ईएनटी, जेनरल मेडिसिन, जेनरल सर्जरी, नेफ्रोलोग्य, न्यूरोलोगी, अरोलोगी, रेडियोलोजी
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन

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Hi all ...my experience with mehta is worst..if any staff asked for reference doctor go for any other doctor except Dr.V.lakshmi who is head of NICU department..she is such a waste doctor..she will make you Crazy...even there is no problem simply she can make 32 k..(this is standard and minimum. Even if you ask admission dept billing gye..he will ask you to pay 30 k in admission itself such a good trained staff) for my kid only they fed formula milk and charged 32k.(which was asked by the admission gye)...so becareful...while admission dont choose v.lakshmi. i can't add doctor to her..because she might brought the M.B.B.S certificate and studied F.D.C( film direction course). Dont go for mehta...even required don't choose..actress v.lakshmi ... और देखें
Thank you Dr Gnanabalan for your excellent service.

Mehta's Hospital Chetpet is the Worst Hospital

I have admitted my 8 months baby for urine infection, Treated by Karthikeyan..It was cured first time, again in 15 days admitted to same hospital, admitted for 10 days, they snatched around 1 laks...since it was not properly treated for first time.

They snatch money from people..24 hrs emergency is very poor, only duty doctors handle the cases and they do not have enough experience to handle the cases.


I would not suggest this dr mehta hospital to anyone. Not giving that special care for the money they snatch.very less and poor staffing. Very few staffs in nicu than the babies and staffs fo paperwork and maintainence most of the time missing feeds and other essential care .but our supposingly great nicu doctors do busy rounds and pretend of the hifi care and leave the hospital.The very junior doctors doing fellowship with great payment does all the training on the babies. There is no expert neonatologists on duty and they do only telemedicine over phone. How good is that..think before choosing the hospital. They ofcourse have all hifunda equipments but thats like having a cozy expensive elevator in a one storey building.
Dr. Gnanabalan from mehta hospital is very very good. very kind and caring. he advised to admit my daughter for sevear urine infection. she was alright in 4 days. he use to come for rounds at night 12.30 and check how was she recovering. My hearty Thanks to DR.GNANABALAN. Excellent doctor. DR.GNANABALAN , a genius and has an uniqueness in him in treating his patients. My hearty wishes to Dr. GNANABALAN, who is very dedicated and passionate about his profession.
I had a very bad experience while I admitted my wife for delivery and while I admitted my new born son in NICU. During my wife's admission: 1. Not enough rooms so I was forced to take a room shared by three patients. Later we moved to a separate room. 2. The AC in the room will run for 24 hours but you won't get chillness. 3. Rest rooms are not clean. 4. Labor ward is not properly positioned, anybody can see what is happening in the first room when it is open and that happened to be the dressing and preparing before delivery. As the nurses will go in and come out of that room very often, so no privacy to the patients. 5. It is a normal practice to shave the abdomen area of the patients, this will be useful if at all the patient is ... और देखें
The overall experience has been good and the efforts of the doctors and staffs are well organized and work is done in a co ordinate manner.
2. The neonatal Intensive care is of high quality and the processes followed are good.
Such a very good hospital I have never seen. I came with my son in very high fever in very critical position. They admitted and treated him very well next day he became normal. Excellent hospital, experienced doctors, advanced technically equipments, homely cared nurses, first class hospitality. I am very happy with their service.
1. Nurses service was Excellent.
2. Nursing care and doctor’s care are well and good.
3. Dr. Premalatha, Dr. Usha and Dr. Ahmed Ali service these doctors are very polite, simple and hard workers. Their performance were excellent .
4. All the OT Staffs are good and excellent approach.
Dr. Mehta’s Hospital is one of the best hospital in my opinion.
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