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#10 जगन्नठन स्ट्रीट, नुँगम्बक्कम, चेन्नई - 600034, Tamil Nadu
नियर - विजय टीवी ऑफिस

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I was born in a Christian family, As a Indian, when i go to any restaurant, shop and commercial places. i have seen lot of idiot things such lemon hanging on the strings or some brass thin sheet with some letters and lot of different and scary Hindu god pictures everywhere but I never had any feeling like other people here.i went and had lunch in Hotel Murugan, hotel Krishna etc...may be they have guilty feeling when seeing the Holy name.
like the fact tht its nestled in a quiet neighbourhood, a place to curl up with a book nd a cuppa latte , they open only at 11 am on weekdays ( 9 am on weekends) which is kinda sad coz they serve an awsome breakfast.JC Cafe has a religious theme but it aint intrusive or too in-your-face.
well, the JC stands for Jesus Christ, this place looks like a cottage from outside nd its quite unlikely you'll ever find it out unless through word of mouth.anways, if you can ignore the religious overtones in JC Cafe (there are billy graham posters all arnd,the tv plays a gospel video,nd the magazine section consists of bibles nd Christian literature) then you are in for a great time.they make an awesome lasagna,veggie sandwich nd french fries.

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