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1, पद्मवती स्ट्रीट, ठीऋमलाइ नगर, रामपुरम, चेन्नई - 600089, Tamil Nadu
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cash, credit card
X-Ray: येस
Blood Tests: येस
Scan: येस
Specialization: जेनरल मेडिसिन, ओब्स्टेट्रिक्स एंड गाईनेकोलॉजी, इंफेर्टिलिटी
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन

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OOPS! I think you have got it all wrong my little miracle was born at Srushti with the help of Dr. Samundi Sankari, she is a real expert in fertility treatments....... Please consult her in person, iam sure you'll change your mind.

We had a HORRIBLE experience at this hospital. To make it short - please do not go to this hospital. There are much bigger hospitals which are also affordable.

This hospital is owned by one person.....so the main aim of this hospital is to make money....both via ethical and unethical means.

My experience has also been bad one at srushti. Except for Samundi madam, all other nurses & admin staff are very bad in providing care & service to the patients. No regular monitoring and attending to patient needs even in case of pain.
I hope things will improve if these services were monitored by a supervisor or MD.
Hi All, I just thought I would put my own personal experience with Srushti Hospital as I have read and gained information from lots of forums and think it's only fair that I should give back. We started the process with Dr Samundi back in February purely on the good reviews she has. I must say she is very experienced and listened to our specific case and advised accordingly. Dr Samundi is a lovely lady and quite patient. She gave us her personal cell no and we called on a few occasions to get advice on our queries and concerns. We went for the IUI treatment first (which didn't work) and now we are undergoing Natural cycle IVF, I have just had my embryo transfer- so now it's the dreaded 2 week wait! Dr Samundi is in great demand therefore w ... और देखें
Most unprofessional hospital. We have seen over 4 fertility specialist in Chennai itself. We got an appointment for 4 PM, it was only for consulting and nothing else. We wanted to hear out what they say before we decide to continue with them or not. We were waiting till 5:30 PM, we spoke to nurse twice and she mentioned Dr Samundi will be here shortly. Having visited so many hospitals, we understand delays can happen. At 6 PM we were asked to meet the duty doctor for initial history gathering post which we were told we would meet Dr Samundi. We went and told the duty doctor about our history. We specifically mentioned as well that we have done all possible tests 4 times atleast with the last one done a year ago. The duty doctor listened to ... और देखें
tests and so forth. We just ignored and wanted to just meet her to take an opinion, sadly the state of affairs there was pathetic. As I am typing this we got a call from Dr Samundi about yesterday incident, she apologized which is courteous from her side however it doesn't take out the way in which they behaved so unprofessionally. While we went there based on some good reviews on the Internet our first hand experience was unfortunate and pathetic. The approach to the hospital interms of location, roads were very port as well. Dr Samundi might be a experienced and caring doctor however everything around her doesn't seem to work correctly.
hai i am dr.sivashankar . i wish to work as a duty doctor... is there any vaccancies

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