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बीएससीपीएल इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर लिमिटेड, पेऋम्बक्कम रोड, नूकम्पलेअम, सीठलपक्कम, चेन्नई - 600126, Tamil Nadu
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Eco-Friendly: नो
Services: सेल पर्चेस
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Segment: प्लॉट लेन्ड, रेजिडेन्शल अपार्ट्मेंट, विला

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One of the worst ever constructions I have ever seen. Bollineni Hillside boasts itself of high quality community... but its just in paper. I am actually a Phase #1 customer who is actively living in this community. In case you havent booked, refrain from doing so. You can find better constructions elsewhere. In reality, it is a bad neighbourhood as it is > Surrounded in all sides by slum area > Cheap Chinese Material and I had to change everything within a year > Civil engineers are highly unqualified and dont know what they are doing. > No internal telephone wiring. If you wanted to do it yourself, all the pipes are blocked.and you have no choice > If you spend lakhs/crores to buy a flat/villa, your bathroom will stink and this is ... और देखें
While OMR is home to cutting edge housing communities, the single biggest differentiator for Bollineni Hillside is the presence of BVM Global School inside the community. BVM Global School, a school of repute, not only provides the highest quality of education for its students, it also has the presence of a track & sports stadium, well- equipped laboratories, a hi-tech Auditorium, modern library and other facilities which will aid in the overall growth of the child. It was perhaps for this particular reason that Bollineni Hillside has been my dream destination when I started scouting for a house in the OMR locality.
A real estate player has announced that it would build an integrated housing community at the OMR with sports and fitness amenities. The trend of bringing the best of both worlds was started a few years ago by Bollineni Hillside (BH) when it amalgamated houses with the most modern amenities and greenery. Like me, those who have made BH their home will swear by the fact that this integrated township continues to be the preferred choice for everyone who wants a dream in the flourishing IT corridor of Chennai.
The success of Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) as a residential hub has been driven primarily by the information technology (IT) sector where the levels of salary, and subsequently the employee affordability have definitely been on the higher side. This has resulted in OMR performing much better with regards to residential sales, as compared to other areas like Oragadam, Sriperumbudur and Grand Southern Trunk Road which are the other prominent growth avenues in Chennai. From entertainment hubs, to its proximity with major destinations in Chennai, OMR is blessed with the best of both worlds. For IT professionals like me scouting for their dream home close to work, housing communities such as Bollineni Hillside are ensuring that you get nothing ... और देखें
If you thought OMR was home to world-class housing communities and modern amenities, you are right. Funbelievable, a unique gaming zone blessed with a bowling alley, video game arcade, a batting cage, archery targets and numerous other activities for the entire family, has become the much-preferred destination for all. This endeavor will add more value to the immensely popular OMR which has the best of residential communities such as Bollineni Hillside and has attracted a lot of interest among those scouting for houses.
The Old Mahabalipuram Road whose topography has witnessed a lot of urban development in recent years thanks to the high-end housing properties which offer the highest standard of living. With the opening of Phoenix Mall in Velachery and another mall being constructed at the moment, the social needs of its present and future residents too has been taken care off. As prospects scout for better standard of living, integrated housing communities such as Bollineni Hillside look enticing for the great value they offer.
In order to facilitate a smoother ride for those who use the IT corridor everyday, the Tamil Nadu government is bringing an elevated corridor along the 45 km Old Mahabalipuram Road, making it India's longest such pathway. What this would do is further raise the value of OMR for those scouting for houses here. Housing communities like Bollineni Hillside which bring the best of both worlds: greenery amalgamated with modern amenities--will be on the top of the list for each one of us scouting for a home.
A latest survey puts forth an interesting statistic on Chennai housing supply which has witnessed a 73% rise in the last 12 months despite a subdued economic scene. It shows that a vast majority (close to 60%) of the projects have mushroomed in the southern part of the city along the GST Road and OMR. Among the host of communities on OMR, Bollineni Hillside seems to be the favorite amongst my friends and family who are looking to settle in that area. It is an integrated township that seems to have taken the interests of everyone in mind: from parents, kids to elderly people - it offers green environment, school, parks and clubhouses---all under one roof.
A latest report on Chennai's real estate market conducted by an integrated personal financial services entity puts OMR as the most preferred destination for home owners based on its high rental values and moderate property prices. I was already looking for a property in this area and this article clinched for me.. I have zeroed in on Bollineni after shortlisting 3 properties in the area. They have good infrastructure inside the community and the presence of renowned BVM Global School on the campus.
I have been scouting the area in and around OMR looking for an ideal property to invest in. To me Bollineni Hillside looks like a good investment. It is close to major arterial roads such as OMR and ECR. The neighborhood has an eclectic mix of high-end and budget restaurants to satisfy foodies like me. Theatres and theme parks are within driving distance for weekend family entertainment. On campus amenities also seem to be good. They have parks, school, gym and a convenience store.
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