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सुशृशा नर्सिंग होम

निजी अस्पताल
रधकृश्ना अपार्ट्मेंट, पोन्दा, गोवा - 403401
नियर मारूति टेम्पल


Specialization: गीनैकोलोगी, मटर्निटी, जेनरल सर्जरी, फीजिशन, एक्स-रे, पैडिय्ट्रिक्स, ओर्थोपेडिक्स, ईएनटी

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सभी समीक्षाएँ

My whole experience with Dr. Sushma Prabhu is very good & Very friendly .She will make your whole journey for pregnancy easy and happy with out any complications.patient is getting the utmost attention from all the medical staff and support staff and specially from Dr. Sushma Prabhu They have a great team and they are providing fantastic services for the entire range of women's health needs. I totally recommend treatment at Dr. Sushma Prabhu clinic. They have best care and services for fertility related treatments, you will feel very comfortable.If you are looking for a professional, experienced, ethical gynecologist and home like atmosphere for your delivery, then Dr. Sushma Prabhu Clinic is the right place.
One of the best nursing homes in Goa!! Dr. Sushma and Dr. Prabhu do a great job! I was there for my sister's delivery and we have had a very good experience. The hospital is clean and well equipped and the nurses & other staff members had been very well trained, helpful and patient!! All in all, i can confidently give this hospital a 5 on 5, based on pre-natal & neo-natal care, efficiency of the doctors & staff and the overall experience :)!! Thanks Sushrusha & I wish you will keep up with the great work!!

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