सिनेमा घर
सिटी सेन्टर न्यू टाउन मॉल, 3र्ड फ्लोर, रजरहत, कोलकाता - 700157, West Bengal
इन सिटी सेन्टर न्यू टाउन मॉल


cash, credit card
Reservation Number: 25266060
Multiplex: येस
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन

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ek baat toh hai tum log itne mahnge ticket ke daam toh de dete ho...........par bichara aalu pyaj bechiare 5 se 20 bhi hojae toh tumhare nani marti hai.............kyun.....bhai kyun 300 300 rs tum in hram khoro ko de dete ho........or jb yahi pese kisi jarurt maand ko dene ho to nani marti h sach batao toh tum logo ko shikayat hka koi haq niah hai....keval candle march karlene se ....mahngai mahnagai chillane se kam nahi chalta ........oro ke liye jena sikho....... desh ke liye jena sikho.... upbhoktawadi mat bano..... sharir ko ek prduct mat banao.........it aim to be done more greater and bigger task on this earth
Inox is a no.1 multiplex in India,but i didn't expect this.We had been to Inox,Rajarhat,Kolkata to watch My Name is Khan at 9:40 a.m.show today (on 13.02.2010) .Myself and my husband got tickets for CL C-12 and CL C-13.At the interval,suddenly the seat broke & went down,I hurt myself a bit,but what hurt me most was the people from the neighbour seats started laughing.I suddenly couldn't realise this happened only to me alone in the hall.I am an average lady weighing 60kg enough for any seat to withstand the weight.My husband was also not there since it happened during the interval,he went to bring some snacks.When he complained to the attendants in the hall,we were given a different seat.Our seats CL C-12 & -13 were in the middle,but the ot ... और देखें

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