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हाउस फुल द फर्निचर डेस्टिनेशन

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 09702256731, 08108102427
मेगा मॉल, 2एन.डी. फ्लोर, न्यू लिन्क रोड, ओशीवरा, अंधेरी वेस्ट, एम.यू.एम.बी.ए.आई. - 400080, Maharashtra
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cash, credit card
Brands: हाउसफुल
Stone Art: एन.ए.
Type Of Furniture: होम फर्निचर
Furnishing services: येस
Accessories: कैंड्ल स्टैंड्स
Used Furniture: नो
Types: मैट्रेसेज
Repairs: नो
Sales: येस
Make: वूडेन
Products - Sets: बेडरूम सेट, डिनाइंग सेट, किचेन सेट
Products - Storage: क्लॉथ रॉक्स, क्रेडेन्जा, कबर्ड, क्यूरियो, शू रॉक्स, साइडबोर्ड, ट्रॉलीस, वॉर्ड्रोब्स
Products - Seating: बीन बैग, चेयर, चेस लंग, कम्प्यूटर चेयर्स, सोफा, स्टूल
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन
Products - Surface: बड, सेन्टर टेबल, कॉफ़ी टेबल, कम्प्यूटर टेबल्स, कॉनफरेन्स टेबल्स, कोर्नर टेबल्स, डेस्क, दीवन, ड्रेसिंग टेबल, एंड टेबल, इग्जक्यूटिव डिस्क्स, सीड टेबल्स, स्टडी टेबल, वर्क स्टेशन्स
Products: स्प्रिंग मैटर्स, कुर्लों कोयर मैटर्स
Products - Other: हैंगिंग चेयर्स, हेडबोर्ड, रेचलनर्स

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No doubt this is awesome......
Do not believe the store manager or anyone else in this store. They have no control over what gets delivered and when. The assembly guys havent been paid and are threatened that they will not get salaries if they complain.

This company needs to be shut down by the authorities. It is a scam. They are fleecing the public. Unethical to the core.

I would strongly advise AskLaila to avoid listing such companies completely or list them with a blackmark. Your star rating needs to have a colur coding RED - Avoid buying at all costs

No doubt the prices are little tempting, but the quality of products is not good. Horrible Horrible service. They never keep their promise, and the carpenter/repair/delivery guy will never come on the day promised and time promised. Don't be surprised if they ring your bell at 10pm to repair/deliver. Thats their service. Shame on you Housefull

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