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निर्मल लाईफ़स्टाइल मॉल, एस-214, 2एन.डी. फ्लोर, एल.बी.एस. मर्ग, मुलुंड वेस्ट, एम.यू.एम.बी.ए.आई. - 400080, Maharashtra
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Specialization: ब्लीचिंग , ब्रेक्स , चाइल्ड केयर देरैपी , कोस्मेटिक ट्रीट्मेंट , क्राव्न्स एंड ब्रिजेज, गम सर्जरीस , इम्प्लैंट्स , लेसर फीलिंग्स , रूट कैनेल ट्रीट्मेंट , वेनीर्स

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hi ,its sudip ! hope my reviews will help others.My grandpa was 70 year old .At the age of 70 he didn't suffered any problem because of having healthy food in village and healthy nature.my dad told him to come and stay with us in mumbai . He came mumbai everthing was good he love to stay with us in mumbai. But he was foud of ice -cream so he should eat that everyday. one day due to having ice cream he started having high sensitivity and bleeding and started dental problem .i search for best dental clinic in mumbai dentzz dental reviews was on the top . i visited with my grandpa dentzz was outstanding they have very quite nature in clinic .supportive dentist in dentzz .thnx ! dentzz
Everything about this clinic is commendable from the doctors to the staff to the ambiance level of hygiene and the usage of superior quality of equipment for treatment.
I had done tooth filling last week and I must it was very quick and pain free process. The dentist and the entire staff is very friendly, caring and professional.
Came to know about this clinic through one of my relative. I visited them for my teeth whitening procedure. The treatment was done at very much affordable price and unlike many others they do provide superior quality of services.
All in all a good experience I would say. I would really like to mention about the time the dentist has taken to explain different steps and procedures involved in my treatment. The treatment went well with minimal discomfort during and after.
After going through lot of positive reviews, patient videos and testimonials I decided to visit dentzz for my treatment. I had three implants and one root canal here. My overall experience was great as I went through all these treatments without any pain and absolute comfort. M very satisfied and content with the treatment thanks!
Due to a minor accident the alignment of my teeth was disturbed. But thanks to team dentzz the issue is been sorted now with the help of cosmetic dentistry treatment. They had been very supportive and gave the right treatment required for my dental condition. I feel great thanks again team dentzz
I recently got a smile makeover treatment done at Dentzz and hopefully I will soon be sharing my complete review on the great experience I had here. Thanks Team.
They go by their words and offer absolutely painless root canals… I am saying this after my experience at Dentzz.
I had a root canal done here and I must say that the overall approach was very professional, painless and quick. Staff were friendly and accommodating. If I ever have any other dental concerns I will definitely return to Dentzz.
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