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ಲೆಯರ್ನೀವುಮ್ ಸ್ಕೂಲ್

 02228760397, 02228773087, 02265854717
ಲಿನ್ಕ್‌ ರೋಡ್‌, ಇನೋರ್ಬೀತ್ ಮಾಲ್, ಮಲಾಡ್‌ ವೆಸ್ಟ್‌, ಮುಂಬಯಿ - 400064, Maharashtra
ನಿಯರ್‌ ಲೈಫಸ್ಟೈಲ್
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Medium: ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಶ್
Level: ಪ್ರೈಮರಿ
Credit Cards Accepted: ನೋ
Gender: ಸೋ-ಅದ್
Boarding: ನೋ
Board: ಐ.ಸಿ.ಎಸ್.ಇ.
ಸಂಪಾದಕರ ನುಡಿ
Learnium School: This chain of schools is run by Turkish management and follows the ICSE board. Learnium has branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and two in Delhi. The Mumbai branch is a pre primary and primary and has been in existence for the last five years. They have ICSE facilities for students up to the 5th standard and hope to add standards with each year to come.

ವಿಮರ್ಶೆಯನ್ನು ಬರಯಿರಿ

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