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 08025320400, 08025559733
84/6, Church Street, Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka
Opposite Amoeba
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cash, credit card
Used Books: Yes
Type Of Books: Novels, Computer Engineering Books
Genre: Children's books, Fiction, Non Fiction And Reference, Text Books
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
Editor's Note
Blossom Book House: Find books old and new, fact and fiction, first and second hand, good and bad at Blossom. For avid readers in Bangalore, Blossom needs no introduction. No matter what it is you like to read and even what you have no choice but to read, this treasure trove probably has it all from Shakespeare to Stephen King and self-help handbooks to computer guides. You can exchange some from your collection for different ones here and if a certain title is not available, they can source it for you too!

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I meant to say we are NOW buying from friendsofbooks.com
I was buying from them and others as well. My family reads a lot so used books is good for us. We are not buying from online store www.friendsofbooks.com. They have excellent used books section. very affordable.

Where do you buy books for just 30-40? Do share. Hope they are not pirated.

As far as blossom cost is concerned, he may be paying Rs 30-40 when he is buying the books. But remember not all the books he buys get sold. I am sure he must be paying good amount for renting three-floor building in a prime area as well.

he charges for the collection.. not all the books he buys will be sold...
do share from where you are buying books for just Rs 30-40 ?
Sharing the message that got posted in the other advertisement posting of Blossoms on this site: I fully agree with some of the user comments both here and elsewhere on the web that Blossom book shop is NOT a good & ethical book seller. Since others have already dwelt upon the reasons, i wouldn't go there.. From my many experiences with book dealers in various cities/shops including Blossom, i feel they're one of the most expensive ones as their focus is more margins & not better value to the customer. The owner (mayi gowda) is too brash, arrogant, and too money-minded and doesn't give a hoot to customers. He just fleeces you! For a book that he'd have bought for Rs.30 to 40, he would charge Rs.300!! I was shocked to see the prices he tr ... View More

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