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Agent: No
Individual Life Insurance: Children Plans, Endowment Assurance Plans, Joint Life Plans, Money Back Plans, Plans For Handicapped Dependents, Plans For High Worth Individuals, Protection Plans, Retirement Pension Plans, Special Plans For Women, Term Assurance Plans, Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPS), Whole Life Plans
Type: Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
Corporate Life Insurance: Group Critical Illness Rider, Group Gratuity Plans, Group Leave Encashment Plan, Group Mortgage Redemption Assurance, Group Scheme Plans, Group Term Insurance Plans, Social Security Plan
Affiliation: Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
Editor's Note
Life Insurance Corporation of India or LIC, as it is popularly known, is the largest state-owned life insurance company and the largest investor in the country. Founded in 1956, LIC offers various plans for insurance seekers and each plan is monitored by an agent. It is a trusted name in every Indian household and insurance seekers can rest assure ...
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