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1533, 9th Main Road, Jaya Nagar 3rd Block, Bangalore - 560011, Karnataka
Near Malabar Gold Jewellers Shop
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Stool Test: No
Urine Test: Yes
Treadmill Test: Yes
24 Hours: Yes
Hearse Van: No
Blood Tests: Yes
Lungs Test: Yes
Home Delivery Radius: N/A
Home Delivery: No
Optical Test: Yes
Nerve & Vein Test: Yes
X-Ray: Yes
Heart Test: Yes
Scan: Yes
Air Ambulance: No
Specialization: Pediatrics, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Maternity, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Intensive Care, Fertility, Cryonine
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
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User Reviews

I am writing this review as there are many women out there in Bangalore looking for the best maternity care hospitals in the city. My wife delivered a boy baby on at Cloudnine Care Children’s Hospital based in Jayanagar Bangalore. The best thing about this hospital was doctor's’; we met there with Dr. Deepika S, who was friendly moving and told us about the complete treatment procedures very frankly. Even though, she had told us from the beginning that the delivery was going to be a C-Section. Even, she has recommended some of the best medication from the very next day. She had helped us out throughout the process and made my wife comfortable in the hospital. I don't feel that she had undergone surgery. The nursing staff there was cari ... View More
Recently my wife faced some pain in her 5th month and we rushed to Jayanagar hospital after calling hospital that its emergency. I was expecting some staff to be waiting to receive with wheelchair. Unfortunately there was nobody I had to look around and find the front desk staff and he asked us to go to 2nd floor. My wife even in that pain walked upto elevator and reached 2nd floor. There we had to look out for the nurse and tell her our story and then she took patient to some room, again by walk They don't even have courtesy to offer wheelchair. After sometime, nurse took her to different room by walk while I was waiting outside. Then duty doctor came and looking for her in previous room where nurse took before and I showed duty doctor ... View More
Cloud 9 is one of the worst hospitals. I went to the airport road branch because that is the nearest to my home now. Previously when I was in marathahalli for the delivery of my wife we went to Yashomati hospitals which is quite reasonably priced and service is like cloud 9 only Cloud 9 is only hungama and looting. My wife miscarried in her second pregnancy and the miscarriage is incomplete so they suggested D and C. My wife did not visit yashomati this time because now it is far from my new house and the gynecologist during my wife's 1st pregnancy Dr Kavitha Kovi [she is an excellent doctor] moved out of yashomati and is in Columbia Asia Whitefied and that is even further. cloud 9 old airport road charged 33k for D&C. Though insuranc ... View More
Hello All, Beware of this hospital and Leela Bhagwan Doctor. They have murdered my baby. Doctor Leela Bhagwan is not having any humanity. She goes for leaves 5 times in a year for long vacations and your baby is now on god trust during that time. My case she went on leave on 20th Oct and comes back on 3rd Nov. On 3rd, scan report was not much good but she came back abroad trip and you know she will be tired so she told to do operation after 2 days and when we went after two days baby already died. You can assume the pain which we have gone through. After this happens she was laughing in the OT and was very normal. I wish to the god that something similar should happen with her family than she will realize. Another example is - once we got t ... View More
A beautiful precious daughter she had to be.. But we made the wrong choice of doctor and hospital. We went to Dr. Anuradha. But fate had it otherwise.
Overall, all Cloud9 chain of hospitals are a rip off!! Sample this: DNC at any other hospital costs max 4000/-. Here? 35000/-.
Dont fall for the fancy looks. They are leeches and have poor service. The first thing that they will hit you with is their registration fee. Huh?. Ok, maybe othes do it to, so we paid. We had our appointment fixed at 6.45 PM for a simple vaccination. They made us wait till 8.15 pm. My Wife was tracking their TV screen as to when our turn was. We took a snack at au bon pain, someone called, we responded and were told that we were next. Suddenly when we saw the previous person to us in the list leave Dr Kishore Kumar's office, they tried to sneak in someone who just came in. My wife challenged it and the nurse has the audocity to tell her that it is the doctors call as to who he wants to see first. To add to that she even went as far as tell ... View More
The Cradle is claimed to be the best maternity hospital in Bangalore but your experience will be just opposite. I had a baby in Cradle recently and had to undergo a lot of trouble there. Synopsis - 1. My pains started and was admitted at 9:30 PM. There was only 1 doctor in the entore hospital for the whole night. She asked us to wait until 12 AM and then sh wwill give meds to induce the pains. Time passed but no one came. We asked the nurses many times but in vain. Finally at 3 AM doc showed up and gave the medicines to increase the pain. Pain increased and by 4 I was ready to be moved to Labor room. we asked the staff and they gave a pain killer. Who the hell in the world will first induce the pain and then later give pain killer. I know ... View More