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Garment Shops
Oasis Centre Mall, Ground Floor, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560046, Karnataka
In Oasis Centre
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Inner Wear: Yes
Brands: Max, Pretty Women
Uniforms: No
Woolen Clothes: No
Boutique: No
Accessories: Neck Ties, Scarves, Shawls, Socks, Wallets
Type: Casual, Ethnic Wear, Formal, Indian, Nightwear, Partywear, Western
Gender: Babys, Boy's, Girl's, Kids, Men's, Women's

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oh.. when i hear this word I always giggle ... great place and complete fun.. great place because you get a different variety of clothes which always have a fresh appearence from the rest. Fun because of my experience .. It goes like this.. me and my girlfriend happened to shop for our siblings . Everything was going well when all of a sudden there was a power failure, for 15 seconds there was just silence with a few ha hoo s.. next moment me and my girlfriend were kissing at the centre of the store for about 2 minutes.. I found this so stupid but then I realised that man how many of them could do this in thier life... ??? see,.,, I have got all good reasons to shop at max.. its simply the best..