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Computer Hardware Dealers
 08025717685, 08025717781
 09844016125, 09845337972
6, KHB Shopping Complex, National Games Village, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560047, Karnataka
Behind Koramangala Indoor Stadium
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Products: Operating System, MS Office
Products: Desktop, Laptop
Type: Desktop, Laptop
Used Laptops: No
Brands: Acer , Apple , Benq, Compaq, Dell , Epson , HCL, HP , IBM , Lenovo , Samsung, Sony , Toshiba , Zenith
Products: DVD Writer, Keyboard, LCD Monitors, Printers, Scanner, Speakers, Web Camera
Brands: Compaq, HP, Canon, Logitech, LG, Sony

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Even 1 * is insult to the star. Pathetic non friendly. Someone teach them manners. 1. They ll assure you of all accessories like bag cleaning kit under a price and on delivery they ll not give you all they promised. -I was in consideration with 2 laptops and the bargain deal was stuck but after payment attitude changed and the store owner said all assured was for other model and not the one i bought. 2. Even if you pursue, there will be a old lady sitting and cursing you that you will lose the money somehwere else. Please think about it before going. I personally bought few years ago with this dealer but now his attitude fully changed. They ll say deal price will be the best but you will get it better outside. Trust me. Dont ... View More
While selling they told printer is free and they will send the instructions how to avail it. Now they are not sending me the instructions.
The worst behaviour of owner and lady over there.for money people behaved like anything.after they receive money from the lady started good acting saying never promised to give accessories. No good response once you pay the money.lady over there impress people like anything once they get cash in hand they turn the table.really worst behaviour both people.first experience ever.i sugest dont go to this shop
Hi guys,
i just wanted to if we purchased a new laptop from this shop.....is they give brand new laptop or some fake parts like from other Machine.........if any one have idea please let me know.........it will be good help for me
Never go to them. They use used parts repaired by re-soldering. Some parts are stolen from other unsuspecting customers machines . In case you complain, they have goons to shout back and harass you. They replaced my motherboard with another one which does not detect CD ROM drive.
Worst Customer Service...Impatient Peoples Inside...They say it is a best bargain...but I did find my laptop with 180 days warranty after registering my Service Tag with Dell...They are just cheating the customers...Beware...

rajesh 27,oct 2011
midland, my advice would be ... dont get impatient and react .. as this type of customer you will often come accross, i am personally happy with the service of the hp laptop done by you earlier i paid some 5500.00 ......... for same laptop hp service asked me 16000.00 so in this case people shouldnt go to hp service !!
midland keep it up.........

rajesh oct'22 ,11 I was just going through this review about midland ........ now i am forced to react , as i was also present buying a dell laptop ,at that moment , and if iam not wrong his name is shafeek , he came to collect tha service laptop , and midland lady asked for the service amount ,and this person showed his fathers id card and started threatening that if midland don’t reduce the cost , his father – some income tax commissioner will create problem for midland then midland lady was telling him that they confirmed the amount before service. But she got scared and she reduced the amount , according to me midland shouldn’t have red ... View More
Friends in and around ngv don't go for midland enterprises finding it very near... these people would suck your blood....instead find some shops outside
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