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On The Edge

 08041783333, 08041783344
Hotel Ivory Tower, 84, 13th Floor, Barton Center, M.G Road, Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka
In Hotel Ivory Tower
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cash, credit card
Catering: No
Home Delivery Radius: NA
Home Delivery: No
Amenities: Not Available
Valet Parking: No
Alcohol: Yes
Home Delivery Call: NA
Veg/Non-Veg: Non-Veg
Food coupons accepted: No
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Cuisine: Moroccan , Multi-Cuisine , South Indian , Vietnamese

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User Reviews

I had a Fantastic Experience! The gourmet food was top notch and though vegetarians do not have a great deal to choose from the fare dished out is pretty classy. Add to that the view and Voila!...Fine dining experience. Heavy on the wallet but worth its while for that special evening.

Pathetic is the word that comes to my mind first. Plastic in the food, live lizards roaming next to the dinner table.....a perfect arrangement to make your evening a spoil sport. Avoid.
When it comes to food, there is only 4 -5 dishes that are veg......and that too very expensive. Avoid

Last word....Avoid