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Overseas Studies & Training Consultants
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1003/1004, Prestige Meridian-2, 10th Floor, M.G Road, Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka
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Others: Student Visa
Countries: Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, Russia, Singapore, UK, USA
Country: Australia, Canada, New York, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, United State Of America, Denmark
Courses: Arts, Engineering, Management, Medicine
Country: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA

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Thank you very much Opulentus for making my immigration process simple and hassle-free.
I went to Opulentus a year ago to migrate to Canada. They processed my FSW on priority basis. Hope I will get the visa soon.
Hi All! Thanks again for your feedback online. I really appreciate hearing about your experience.
Opulentus is a leading visa consultancy. I went to Opulentus when I wanted to migrate to Canada. They did the needful. I will approach Opulentus again to sponsor my parents.
Opulentus guided me properly due to which I was able to get Hong Kong visa.
I rate Opulentus with five stars as they successfully helped me in getting France student visa.
It was my dream to pursue my studies in Australia and it is to be realized soon with the support of Opulentus.

Opulentus is super
Opulentus is a gift to everyone especially in India who wish to migrate to overseas on various visas. I came to know about Opulentus when my brother told me it’s a superb company.
I really like Opulentus as they met all my expectations.
In fact, these are factors you should think when you plan about immigration

-low processing fee
-fast processing
-customer friendly staff
And Opulentus has all these three factors…so, approach them blindly.

Opulentus has provided me all the required information regarding my visa process and applied on behalf of me, they took care of the entire process. Thank you Opulentus team for the help. Looking forward for a positive reply.
The way you have guided me in filling my application form and the information on the required documents have helped to me to get my visa.
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