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Dr. Praveen Baliga

253, 4th Cross, 4th Main, HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra, Bangalore - 560075, Karnataka
Opposite BSNL Telephone Exchange Office
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Not Practicing: No
Credit Cards Accepted: No
Clinic: Children And Eye Clinic
Specialization Other: N/A
Veterinarian: No
Specialization: Pediatrics (Child Specialists)

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Have consulted this doctor for my niece. He is quite a good doctor and is accessible on phone directly and not through some PA.

His treatment has worked 3 times for 3 separate illnesses and we did not have a requirement of a follow up consultation for any of them.
He did not prescribe very strong medication also, which was a huge relief. Lab tests also, he asked us to do only if the fever did not go away or reduce for 3 days.
We were pretty satisfied.

Can anybody give dr parven's phone number. It's little urgent
With new patients he looks very professional & listens with patience. But ... for old patients he is very mechanical. Repeats the same medicine even if the problem keeps recurring again and again after already using the medicines. I think this is to maximize the no of visits of the patients there by increasing his income. I agree he is arrogant. These days he is suggesting medical lab tests also.
he is very professional...does'nt give high dosage unless its needed actually...yes he is lil serious and seems to be arrogant but all we need is a safe medication for our children...i have seen doctors who are very friendly but gives antibiotics in the first visit..but with Baliga he starts with lower doses and slowly increases the dosages if the infection persists...he explains everything...i give 9 out of 10
He is good..recommended
He is an excellent doctor. Very accesible over the phone which is uncommon.
I DISAGREE with @pras, you have no right to comment on charecter based on one consultation.
Not fit to be pediatrician, he is seriously missing basic principle of a doctor that is patience. we consulted him based on above good review comments. He just want to attend maximum number of patients per day, he is arrogant
I tried this doctor - and found him to be pretty professional and accesible over phone - which is not common amongst doctors in India.
Good pediatrician, recommend him. He has always been accessible when ever we needed him, either in person or on the phone. Also can decipher US medical records and maintain the vaccination schedule which was a big question for us when we moved back.