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Hair Clinic
 08049090900, 08049090901-02
50, Wellingtons Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore - 560025, Karnataka
Opposite Koshy Bakery
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Hi frs,
I am suffering from severe hair loss since years but not getting any productive result from anywhere. Can anyone help me to know about AHS bangalore clinic. I want to know about the laser treatment. Has it got any side effects and how much is it effective.?
My is is mou.mana@gmail.com.. can anyone please help me on this..
I am pretty happy with the treatment. Started to see positive results. Hospitality at the studio has been amazing so far. Always get what I need from the Bangalore studio. Hoping to see more positive results in coming months.
Krishna Raju
As I started laser treatment in AHS, right from beginning I had a positive feeling about my treatment. During these process I never had a bad experience with staffs and they cared well. During these months I ha a vast improvement on my hair and I am feeling good. Even I recommended some of friends regarding this treatment. At finally my experience is so comfortable and good. And I thank AHS for bringing my hair back and they proved they are best. Once again thank you!
I have been trying all sorts of treatment to stop my hair loss for almost 6 years but nothing worked. I approached AHS as a last option and after meeting Danny, the consultant, I decided to go under the procedure. Thanks to Denny for the great advice and for convincing me to go under laser therapy! Almost 5 months have passed and now I can see the difference. It's very hard to use words to express my feelings when I see the result with my own eyes. I am happy with the support from AHS staff and hope to see even greater results when I finish the therapy. I am sure it will help me! AHS is the hope for people who want to get their confidence back. I would highly recommend it to my family, friends and colleagues. 15 Apr 2014 Sup ... View More
I am extremely satisfied with the results! In fact, I’ve got more than I expected! Everybody at AHS was very helpful in all aspects. Mrs. Rekha, who coordinated the procedures, was very friendly and always showed high level of professionalism throughout. Even my hairstylist always listened to my suggestions very careful and made sure that the result was as per my specifications.
In short, the entire experience with AHS was very pleasant and the result was excellent.
Tribue Francis
Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic
My hair have grown back in some months after it was done and I am very glad to see the final results after all
My overall experience with Advanced Hair studio in Bangalore has been really nice overall. Staff is very cooperative, and results of laser therapy has been good so far. Texture of my hair improved and hairloss decreased.
I had clinical procedure done at advanced hair studio.It felt really good and it was an amazing experience. The doctor was very professional and humble.

Hello everyone,
I got my strand-by-strand ultimate procedure done eight months back at advanced hair studio. This procedure has given me my confidence back. It was a very easy procedure and it went exactly the way I had been explained. The doctors there r very experienced and very cordial. My new hair growth has started and moreover I look very young now…

The treatment at Advanced Hair Studio has done a world of good to my hair. Not only minimizing the hairfall but also re-growing of some new strands. The products provided with the laser therapy have also provided great support. So it was a very pleasing experience..
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