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 04442676000, 04442144100
The Park Hotel, 601, Ground Floor, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600006, Tamil Nadu
In The Park Hotel


cash, credit card
Amenities: Dance Floor, DJ
Entry: Cover Charge
Stags Allowed: No
Parking: Valet
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron


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awesome......woooooo great
hi rock d flr

Hey there,

Im from Sydney and will be in Chennai for a weekend for my mates wedding.I've heard heaps bout the party scene in Pasha and thought of giving it a go when im there this year.Is this the best club in Chennai?What sort of music and ppl can i expect there?
P/s:Im a male traveling alone and will be staying at the Park hotel.Will I have any trouble getting into the club alone?
Thanks guys.

can any one tel me how much money shud i take to b in the safer side. I drink atmost two beers and my girl fren drinks one vodka. Pls somebody tell me.
the images of the conservative city which i left 4 yrs ago went up in smoke as i stepped into Pasha,was quite a shock to see the place empty at 11,but 20 mts later the crowd poured in, dressed in uberslick party wears, sheesh, back in bangalore, everyone would have gone home by 11. Pasha has a namesake dance floor, the drinks are pricey, but you have to give it to the place for the insane amount of energy it packs.
great place to be if you can afford it ......couples will have to dole out 400 rs which is not even a cover charge.....nd a KF bottle comes to a cool 250 rs....food is okayish...like i said..if you have lots of money nd passionately seeking ways to get rid of it, Pasha is your place...

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