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Gurgaon Central Mall

Shopping Mall
 01242859000, 01242859102
Sector-25, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana
Near Iffco Chowk
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Pubs: Seven Blue Bar
Parking: Covered
Restaurants: Food Court
Entertainment: No

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just poor stuff there so no need to buy anything from this place . poor service .
A very poor quality products are available here
here.never purchase the products from this mall and the customer service us also poor
Worst worst place. I suggest everyone not to go there . It is most pathetic place. They will harass you for the mistake u have not done even. They will charge you 10 times the actual amount and will tell you to call the police . They all are fraud and will force you to give money
. There are no policies and guidelines . They charge you as per their want . They dont have even manners to talk
Their staff is pathetic . Useless people they are. I think their staff and upper staff should gp and learn how to talk to a female. Its worst place to go to shop .
Worst shopping experience ever!! The billing people have been trained to do partial billing if you purchase 8-10 items and also leave magnetic security tags. Later when it is found at the exit gate; they would charge you with theft, harass you, threaten you that they will call police and demand 10 times value for the products not billed. At last they will take the money without any receipt and also keep the products with them.
This is the plight of our shopping malls where they have come with new means of LOOTING customers.
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We pick helpless old aged found on the streets of Delhi, those who are struggling for a meal a day and have no family to go to. We give them love, care, food, shelter, health care and do cremations for free.
Our mission is that old aged must not die on the streets of Delhi/NCR.
Sanjay Dhadwal
its themost pathetic place to shop for.... senseless staff always redy to misguide and misbehave

The Mall is good but the Staff Spl security and admin is pathetic they have really no sense how to talk to customer,

i want to quote one name Mr. Harish from Gurgaon Central's Admin Dept that guy talk likes goon act like a cheater who will promise you something and the next day he will tell you that don't come to central again with the problem otherwise he will see you.

Shahdil Ahmed

Its a big concept of Future Group India Ltd. and it will b a big competitive for all malls it will survive for a long long time
in India because Indian always demand for this type of concept. they want somthing new...

thank you so much & best of luck for gurgaon central I LOVE THAT
from Shahdil Ahmed 918979831831, 917503208122

It is a pathetic place to shop and has the worst after sales service i have ever experienced in my life. I saw lot of people fighting at the exchange window including me. After they kept us waiting for 2hrs for a mistake done by the store boys and on top it they didnt give us the credit note for a very simple exchange and it has happened twice with us. The customer service manager is as good as a chaprasi/babu and has no powers.. Guys....you can get the same stuff at other retail stores as well with a lot better after sales service please do not go to this store. You will regret your decision believe me. I also regret that why didnt i go to shoppers stop or lifestyle as they really care about thier customers and have exchenged even in wo ... View More

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