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1-A/101, Nit No.1, Faridabad - 121001, Haryana
Behind Nit No.1 Gurudwara
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I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2009, when I went to the emergency room for rectal bleeding. For years, I was not in a financial position to get treatment. I tried raw foods, going vegan for a while, and it kept symptoms to a minimum for a few years. Then two years ago, I started having diarrhea with mucus and sometimes blood several times a day. Every meal ended with an emergency trip to the bathroom. Then my symptoms swung around the other way, and I stopped digesting food at all. I'd have a lump of food in the transverse colon for days, and the pain and swelling was unbearable. Eventually, I Visited Dr.Abhishek,s Aura Homeopathy Clinic and research centre, faridabad, Delhi, NCR, India. With his homeopathic treatment now my co ... View More
Dr.Abhishek at Aura Homeopathy is a Gem, Simple down to earth, humble and full of knowledge and vast experience I am 65 yrs old.i had problem of chronic discharge of pus from my ears since 5yrs.i had visited almost all E.N.T's in New Delhi. Then i started homeopathy treatment under Dr.Abhishek M.D (Homeopathy) at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre, Faridabad and within 2 months my problem of discharge of pus from ears had stopped. now i can even listen & hear clearly. Thanks To Team Aura Homeopathy Pro 1. He is Highly qualified. Dr.Abhishek BHMS ,MD (HOM) ,CFN (DELHI), DI(HOM) (London) 2. He have enough experience in handling the disease 3. He is a full time practitioner. 4. He is well versed with the latest research in th ... View More

"Very good decent gentleman with lots of positive qualities. Many patients who loves homeopathy come to him for rescue from their small and big diseases.

He cures variety of disease including:- Allergies, bronchitis, polyp, Adenoids, Hairloss, pimples, lichen, psoriasis, uricacid, Liver disease, Cyst, migraine, RA, Spondylisis, Thyroid, Fibroadenoma, Fiproid, PCOD, Piles, Fistula, Fissure, BPH, ED, Low Sperm Count, Azospermia, UTI, chronic liver disease, etc

He happily treats his patients as if it is his responsibility.

Very Intelligent Homeopathy doctor, understands the root cause of disease. He cured my father for acute Asthama.

A great concellor.

Thanks to team aura Homeopathy and cyber support team

Best Male specialist especially in Delhi, NCR,Iindia I was suffering from PE for the last 12 years and was living in depression. Due to these circumstances, MY martial relation reached to the point of divorce. With the treatment of Dr.Abhishek at Aura Homeopathy i got beneficial results and charged with renewed strength. Now I am living a happy married life. Dr.Abhishek kasana provide me right environment & COMFORT so that any person can tell each & every symptoms He records all symptoms with cross question carefully & saw each symptoms .I am 100% satisfied person like other thousands of patient he treated in their clinic or online . Aura Homeopathy cure male Disease successfully and permanently I heard he cured patient with varicocele, Azo ... View More
Awesome Homeopathc treatment at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & research centre.
My nephew was suffering from wheat allergy since 3 years and could`nt take wheat in his whole life. We finally met Dr.Abhishek M.D(Homeopathy) at Aura Homeopathic Clinic & research centre, Faridabad, Delhi (NCR). One years treatment he is taking wheat and wheat products his medicines are stop since 2 years now his Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibody, IgA, Serum reports are normal after taking wheat. Thanks to Team aura Homeopathy and Dr.Abhishek ,Dr.Neha Jainer (Cyber Head) and Team
God Bless
Mumbai, India
Dr. Swati is one lady who always meets all her patients as if she has all the time in the world for them. She has tremendous patience and listens out every small detail of a patient as if it were the most interesting story. I have tried her medication for prevention as well as cure of acute conditions (including Fever, Diarrohea, Sorethroat, Dengu, Malaria, viral Flu) and they worked wonders all the time. She is a very gentle, soft spoken and makes you feel comfortable instantly. Anyone who wants to go homeopathy, should visit her once at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & research Centre.
Aura Homeopathy clinic & Research centre is the best for Femail ailments
Thanks to Dr.Swati and Dr.Abhishek for curing me of PCOD.
Now i am a mother of lil angel.
Thanks to cyber clinic Dr.Neha and Team aura homeopathy as well at www.aurahomeopathy.com
Caring Doctors-Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre. My son was suffering from Atopic dermatitis and Allergic Rhinitis since he was 2 years of age. His skin condition over a period of time had become worse and we did not know what to do and were very much worried. I could not understand what was the cause. One fine day I visited Dr.Abhishek’s Aura Homeopathy Cyber clinic . I was then consulted by Dr Swati who took the case taking in detail during which i told her that i am suffering from psoriasis and my husband is suffering from Asthma, She explained about the importance of family history and the link between Skin and Respiratory allergies and then Dr.Abhishek started his treatment. I was very much relaxed and peace within myself af ... View More
No.1 Clinic For Allergies-Simply The BEST Thanks to Aura Homeopathy for curing me from Urticaria (Skin allergy). I was suffering from urticaria since last 3 yrs, have tried both Batra Homeopathy clinic and bakson homeopathy clinic faridabad, but all in vain. Then i got to know about Dr.Abhishek kasana, surprisingly he is the only M.D Homeopathy doctor in the city, and Ex Centre head at Bakson Homeopathy clinic, Faridabad. I got his reference from one of my best friend Neha who was taking treatment from Dr.Abhishek at Bakson Homeopathy Clinic South Ex-Delhi branch and later in Faridabad. As told by Neha Bakson clinic faridabad was crouded with satisfied patients when Dr.Abhishek was there as centre Head. When we met the doctor for the 1 ... View More
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