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Dr. Shilpa Ashish Gude

Vasant Arcade, 1st Floor, Comba, Margaon, Goa - 403601
Near Popular High School


Not Practicing: No
Specialization: Pediatrics (Child Specialists)
Clinic: Sinai Clinic Fertility Centre
Specialization Other: No
Veterinarian: No

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I second the shoes removal policy followed at all hospitals in Goa as the environment here is so dusty that shoes get very dirty and surely polluted. I have seen Dais sweeping with antiseptic smelling solutions at all hospitals I have visited at least twice in a day, so I expect the floors are clean & germ free. I fail to understand why people should have problems removing their shoes while walking on clean floor, as if they walk all over their own drawing rooms in footwear when they have just come from a visit outside. Ms Chongamla....You would never pick up germs from clinics & hospitals, but YOU COULD CARRY THEM IN with dirty shoes!!!!!!! A word or two about Drs Shilpa & Ashish, both my children have been delivered by Dr Ashish & are und ... View More
Nurses are never rude unless a patient acts extra smart making issues about small things like for eg. removing shoes in clinics. All clinics and medical establishments are cleaned and swabbed multiple times in a day with antiseseptic floor washes, so the floors are cleaner than one's feet which have walked on open roads. The very purpose of asking patients is to keep premise germ free and is followed in almost all clinics & hospitals in Goa, barring a few. Nurses in all clinics strive hard to keep patients comfortable. It is upto individual patient to understand that an obstetricians clinic is not time bound as Drs are busy with deliveries and other emergencies which demand priority care and one day when you are in the labor room or theatre ... View More
nurses were very rude. directions were not clear ...didnt understand the concept of removing shoes before entering a clinic in goa...You could pick up GERMS!!!!!!PLZ do something about that......

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