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Prasads Imax

Movie Theatre
Necklace Road Lane, Tank Bund, Tad Bund, Hyderabad - 500004, Telangana
Beside NTR Gardens


Coupons Accepted: yes
Reservation Number: 23448888
Multiplex: Yes

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User Reviews

- BIG screen
- Better sound system
- Good availability of snacks

- Projecting small sized out of ratio movies in large screen
- Charging 250 Rs for movie quality of 150 Rs
- Scratched Glasses for rent Rs.20. It wont be mentioned in the ticket but they will loot you down for the glasses that will take out the quality off and show distorted images
- Bad seats that stink and smell.
- Old pop corn and high rates
example: cool drink worth 25 = Rs 50.

Excellent theatre with High picturing and Good sound system...

But, the Seating is not good, its difficult to fit in seat for Fat buddies...!!

the gap b/w rows is too short..

Imax is a fun loving place.i usually go thr wth my family,along wth movies we hv lots more to enjoy. including eateries,no one feels bore of it,games,puzzles,scary house,forest,climbing hill,mirror fun,n also accessories shop,jewellery,clothing line,evrything,its like a complete stuff,n compare to other malls prices r also reasonable,n abt ambience n claenliness,its number 1 including the hygenic washrooms,evrything is westernized,i toh just felt like i was shopping in U.S for sometime thn my hubby ask me to go home as v wr gtting late,bt i took his promise to come agn to imax!!!!!!....
I have enjoyed my last movie by watching in the imax, nice atmosphere and thrilling. Try it once guys.

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