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Nirmal Lifestyle Limited

Real Estate Builders & Developers
 02225937100, 02233209999
Nirmal Mall, Multiplex Building, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080, Maharashtra
In Nirmal Mall
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Services: Lease Rental, Sale Purchase
Credit Cards Accepted: No
Segment: Office Space, Plot Land, Residential Apartment

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Nirmal lifestyle kalyan: i have got my flat booked in Nirmal lifestyle kalyan. I found it pretty satisfying and the services are relatively up to date
I had visited Nirmal Lifestyle once. Now, all the mumbaikars are looking forward for Nirmal lifestyle residential complex
I had visited the Nirmal lifestyle mall once. It was doing pretty well. All the mumbaikars are looking forward for their nirmal Lifestyle residential complex.
"Hi All, I am new to this site and want to invest in real estate with any good builder. Have read a lot of good and bad reviews on this page on Nirmal Lifestyle City Kalyan . I have also checked their website Nirmal as the facilities and amenities they are providing are very Unique. Does anyone know who I can contact to get first hand information on this property so I can decide??"
I have paid advance for the Nirmal Lifestyle City Kalyan project and ever since have seen a considerable rise in property rates. Am happy to be one of the investors in this beautiful project and am looking forward to the completion of this awesome project. It certainly has taken time to complete. But never the less am sure it is going to be amazing for my children with all the amenities they have mentioned on their brochure as well as their webpage.
Nirmal lifestyle city Kalyan, worst project, possession on dec 2018, have to take loan from Indiabulls only, 20% Downright payment rest 80% passed immidately from Indiabulls and EMI starts next day, Now who does the above guys think take for a Ride

As promised by Nirmal lifestyle city Kalyan, they r goin to give possession on dec 2011, will they be able to give possession in time? as I have heard that their previous project are still late by full one year i mean they promised for 2 n half year but the project is still takin more than 3 yrs.......

What abt the Gas pipe connection, are they goin to provide it?
When is the Construction goin to start?
When is the Stamp duty & registration goin to be done?
What the source of commuting from Kalyan railway station or Shahad station?
it will be more better that kalyan get Hathway Internet broadband connectivity

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