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Acupuncture and Acupressure Clinics
15/21, New Juhu Co-Operative Housing Society, Daulath Bazaar, St. Crues West, Relief Road, Mumbai - 400054, Maharashtra
Near Arya Samaj
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Do you have a Center at ahmedabad sir I need treatment as well want to learn I liked your book 1 and 2 health in your hands I have gifted to many also

I like to have a training of Acupressure Therapy. please late me know that after complete the training may i gate any certificate? Please sand me details regarding the training of Acupressure Therapy.
Dr. Vora,
Sir, May I get this acupressure training in Kanpur city. I have study both the Book "Health in your hand" 1 & 2. I am very much inspire to you (dr vora) and wanted to get its training in Kanpur (UP) Kindly guide me in this regard (.)
सर मुझे आपका आपले आरोग्य आपल्या हाती ये बुक बहोत अच्छी लगी. सर इस बुक से कोई भी साधारण व्यक्ति जो खुदका इलाज खुद करना चाहता हो और एलिओपैथी मेडिसिन्स से परहेज करना चाहते हो वो आसानी से कर सकता। सर में ऑक्यूप्रेशर उपचार पद्धति आपसे सीखना चाहता हू. और मुझे इसमें बोहोत दिलचस्पी हे. मेने कुछ दà ... View More
sir,i am a big fan of your book called health in ur hands i wnt to visit at ur clinic for treatment for obesity. i m 29 yrs. old female.having 2 kids. want to meet u personaly for treatment as well as to learn art of accupresure. kindly let me know urgently. my e-mail id is nids_115@yahoo.co.in

Hi sir i heard about your books. Thanks a lot.

Sir i have doubt whether this treatment can cure "PARKINSON'S " disease.

if yes please let me know sir..
Thanks in advance

Dr. Vora,

I m KLarunesh from Mumbai-57. Iam a yogateacher . I have visited yr accupressure centre at Khar, for a overlook. I want to learn a system developed by you, for diagnosis. Will you please intimate me your 4-5 days course for it, which you have told me at that time? I am knowing Accupressure a little. I want to increase my knowledge, which I can utilise while teaching yoga.My e-maii Id is me.karunesh@gmail.com, and Cell-9870282563

I am a 50 year old woman. I i too read health in your hands and liked it very much. My problem is i feel hungry and shaky all the time. My thyroid is normal and my sugar is excellent. I neither have diabetes nor thyroid problem but this hunger that makes me shaky happens every 3 hours and I am tired of eating. What should I do. I am 50 years old and have been suffering for the last 15 years with this hunger. I am of averge build at 60 kgs and 5 feet 2 inches tall. Give me some remedy for this problem as I am unable to travel without having some glucose in my purse all the time. When i get up in the morning i feel so hungry and shaky that I am unable to enjoy even the morning cup of coffee as I have to eat something right away. In the nigh i ... View More
Dear Dr. Vora Sir,
Your Book "Health in your Hands" is ultimate and a must read book for all. Sir I am from Dharwad and planning to visit Mumbai from 22.05.2012 to 27.05.2012. Could it be possible to meet you in person. Kindly let me know urgently.

Dear Doctor Devendra Vora,

Please let me know your e mail id or phone number.

Suneesh Babu

00 971 50 355 71 75
00 971 55 15 60 232

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