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German Bakery

 02026136532, 02031040312
291, North Main Road, Vaswani Nagar, Koregaon Park, PMC - 411004, Maharashtra
Opposite ICICI Bank


Catering: No

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@anuj..it needn't always have to be about slick ambiance or awesome food (or even firangis).the first time i went to pecos in bangalore, i was like ytf is this run down place serving watered down beer so revered..sometimes you tend to cut some slack for a place which rendered some fun moments in your life.

..maybe it served as your post-bunking hangout, or might be a place where you often caught up with old friends and shared a good laugh..dunno if u been to gokuls in mumbai..its one disaster of a boozeshack...but i know of at least 50 guys who religiously visits the place every weekend...but as always, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion..whatever floats your boat.. cheers

Can't understand why people are all ga-ga about this place. Maybe some people find too many firangis together to be an attraction.
Seemed pretty ordinary to me, and the food was just about okay.
a legend of sort amongst the desi/firangi "hippies" , cool place to hang out,best part is that nobody gives darn what you are doing nd you can enjoy your coffee nd sandwich in peace.German Bakery is one of those places you wouldn't want to miss out if u were to visit pune.
awsome place...German Bakery is situated right next to the Osho Center and the place attracts the brown robed followers in hordes...the place is like the firangi meetup place in pune ...every time i go there its like the firangis are having a round table conference or something,,,the place is easy on the pocket nd their lemon tarts melts in the mouth...just that it gets really smoky nd often its not just cigarettes being smoked...

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