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189/1, ബ്രിഗെഡ് രോഡ്‌, ബൈംഗലോര്‌ - 560001, Karnataka
അപോജിട്‌ മെട്രോ ഷൂസ്
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Stags Allowed: നോ
Parking: പെഡ്
Amenities: ലൈവ് ബ്യാംഡ്, ബാര്‌ടെംഡര്
Entry: ഫ്രീ
Credit Cards Accepted: മാസ്ടര്‌കാര്ഡ്, വിജാ, വിജാ ഇലെക്ട്രൻ
cash, credit card
Editor's Note
Mojos: Run by the same group, Mojos is the tad up-market version of Pecos. While Pecos is cramped, Mojos, in comparison, is more spread out. Retro music takes precedence over classic rock. This is a beer-only place and the food is excellent. The beef tacos are a must.

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User Reviews

How I wish I had a camera so that I could share a few pics of this popular economy pub, from Bangalore, for nothing else but to send a few pointers to the pubs in Mumbai and Delhi on how to run an awesome place and yet keep the prices at a moderate level. Mojo's defines a typical Banaglorean pub, with low lighting, blaring music, and awesome house beer. Of course, the neccessity of taste buds tittilating accompaniments goes without saying, and Mojo's accomplishes that with elan. Don't trust me? Just give their peanut masala a shot. Interestingly, in my few years' worth of pubbing, i have never come across a single place who serve popcorn along with the beer. Yes, you read that right. But I must say, it wasn't bad at all. A nice change fr ... View More
Pecos in a sparkling new avatar!!!.....though i liked the chicken nd dosa in Pecos a tad better than the ones in Mojos ...
really unsafe !
An affiliate of the two-decade old Bangalore institution Pecos, Mojos is a great place to chill out without burning up your wallet. The chicken and dosa in this place is something to die for, and is sort of regarded as the best in the city or maybe even the country. Another signature item on the menu is the beef tacos was a tad chewy for my taste though. Mojos, unlike its older sibling which swears by classic rock , plays a lot of retro music. A word of caution, this is not the place to go for a quaint conversation as the music is so blaring loud that you can barely hear yourself, let alone the guy who sits next to you. Peace
Serves only beer, just like pecos! Wine and whisky lovers... avoid!
As Steve pointed out, this place is more spaced out than its predecessor, Pecos. Beers good, but the Chicken Curry and Aapam or Dosa are to die for. For the Vegan folk, the egg curry too is pretty darn good.
Pecos in a new avatar! same food modern ambience... if pecos is crowded, mojos is for you!