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 08025281505, 08025280461
സീ.ഏമ്.ഏച്. രോഡ്‌, ഇന്ദീരാ നഗര്‌ 1സ്ട്രീറ്റ് സ്ടെജ്‌, ബൈംഗലോര്‌ - 560038, Karnataka
അപോജിട്‌ കൃഷ്ണാ റ്റെമ്പല്‌
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24 Hours: യെസ്
24 Hours: യെസ്
Hearse Van: നോ
X-Ray: യെസ്
Blood Tests: യെസ്
Scan: യെസ്
Air Ambulance: നോ
Home Delivery: നോ
Specialization: ന്യൂരോലോഗി, ഓഫ്ദ്യാല്മോലോഗി, ഗീംയേകോലോഗി, ജെനരൽ സര്ജരി, പ്യാഥലജി

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Worst hospital..even though senior management are all money making. I can't use words otherwise I would have briefed what they are
Hi everyone I would like to share my review with you about Kavitha. I'll not suggest anyone to her.She will ask u to do 5 to 6 scanning which is absolutely wrong. After spending so much till 9 months and everything is normal then on delivery day suddenly all complications came for all the patient and been asked to do cesarian. She is concerned about her surgery charges which is near about 9k and if she will do normal delivery then she will be getting 4k to 5k in between. Beware with her and I have so many people's reviews who have changed her.She will create as situation that u can't run anywhere while delivery. Such a doctor should not be recommended to any one. So many people already asked me not to consult her but that's my mistake I hav ... View More

good and cost effective. Dr Suvarna Jyoti with whom i was treated was good. I got my issue resolved.

only hospital and toilets cleaning should be better.

worst hospital they all CMH's doctors fooling patients and only they are making money money and money.
0 rating for this hospital
yeah thats very true this CMH hospital is worst,, doctors are there but only for making money,, shameless doctors
thats very true this CMH's doctors fooling patients and only they are making money money and money,, very shameless
I had a surgery at this hospital, and the Doctor charged me extra 3k , other than the 55k which I spent for surgery.She said she was underpaid. Pathetic , shameless ..

It is the money oriented hospital. For small issues they will ask CT scan . I went to that hospital for the ear infection. he requested the CT scan for ear,nose and face... for that I paid 20000. After thet they told me to do the surgery is mandatory for this, For that surgery they told me to pay 20000 again. But I went to another hospital to check and given the Medicines. Now I am alright without surgery.

Don't trust this hospital.. Simply they are making money.

DONT GO TO CMH HOSPITAL!!!. My experience: After accedent I went to Dr Madan in CMH. He took X-ray and told me that there is an abnormal gap between two bones in left shoulder and prescribed for MRI which costed me 7k. After MRI, I went to Dr Pradeep in CMH(as Dr Madan was not available at evening). Dr Pradeep told me that joints are absolutely in normal position. Then I went to Manipal hospital. A senior doctor there also told me that joints are absolutly in normal position and MRI was just not required. After that I complained to the MD of CMH hospital but nothing happend. Then I realised that Dr Madan has prescribed MRI so that hospital can earn money by fooling patients.

Beaware of this hospital. Best of luck.

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