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ഡാനി ലമ്ബസ് പംജാബി ധബാ

 09343775155, 09343728980
17, ബീ.ഡീ.ഏ. കമ്പ്ല്യാക്സ്, ഓല്ഡ്‌ മദ്രാസ് രോഡ്‌, ഇന്ദീരാ നഗര്‌ 1സ്ട്രീറ്റ് സ്ടെജ്‌, ബൈംഗലോര്‌ - 560038, Karnataka
ബിലോ ആര്.ടീ.ഓ. അഫിസ്‌
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cash, credit card
cash, food coupon
Catering: യെസ്
Home Delivery: യെസ്
Home Delivery Radius: 3 കേമിസ്
Amenities: ആഉട്‌ഡോര് സെറ്റിംഗ്
Valet Parking: നോ
Alcohol: നോ
Cuisine: പംജ്യാബി
Home Delivery Call: 25259637
Veg/Non-Veg: നൻ-വെജ്
Credit Cards Accepted: യെസ്
AC,Non AC: നൻ ഏ.സീ.
Food coupons accepted: സോദെക്ഷോ, റ്റികെറ്റ് രെസ്ട്രംറ്റ്
Editor's Note
Danny Lambas Punjabi Dhaba: Danny Lambas Punjabi Dhaba is one of the late risers in the city with regard to their opening time. But this does not stop the patrons from visiting the Dhaba for some really good grub. You must try out the Chicken Tikka and the Mushroom Chilly, either sitting on the plastic chairs provided to you by the Dhaba or sit in the comforts of your car, listening to music and enjoying a munch.

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It is the only place around which serves good quality food at an excellent price - provided you are with family and respect the owners attitude of" no nonsense & no compromising on alcohol " -which people expect from a place with a similar ambience. All dishes are NOT rooted to the same gravy and effort is made by the cooks that dishes rolled out have distingiushing flavours- which places catering to a similar clientele do not have.Stick to the Punjabi and you will not be dissapointed and have on repeated visits noticed that earlier you reach less rushed the orders are and better the taste- there are good combo dishes which are reasonable and do try the Dal Makni , Rajma ,Butter Chicken , Achari Murgh. Of course the owner is at the counte ... View More

It still hurts. Went to the place today and the guy who took order and served food was just amazing. His rudeness and impoliteness were amazing. Scary feeling to pay money and get rude behavior in return. But to give due to credit to the guy, he was managing the entire place single handedly. The food was decent although a little bit pricey for the ambiance they provide.

BTW you should see the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld and you should be able to relate to my comments.

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