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ദ് റ്റെസ്ടി തംഗ്ലെസ്

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 09886867856, 09987900113
യൂ.ബീ. സിറ്റി-കമിറ്റ് ബ്ലക്‌, 24, 4ടീ.ഏച്. ഫ്ലോര്‌, ലെവൽ-2, വിട്ടൽ മല്ല്യാ രോഡ്‌, ബൈംഗലോര്‌ - 560001, Karnataka
ഇൻ യൂ.ബീ. സിറ്റി-കമിറ്റ് ബ്ലക്‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: നോ
Home Delivery: നോ
Valet Parking: യെസ്
Alcohol: യെസ്
Veg/Non-Veg: നൻ-വെജ്
Food coupons accepted: നോ
Credit Cards Accepted: യെസ്
AC,Non AC: ഏ.സീ.
Amenities: ആഉട്‌ഡോര് സെറ്റിംഗ്, ഡബ്ല്യൂ.ആഈ.-ഫി ജോന്
Cuisine: ചൈനിസ് , അന്‌ഡന്‌സായൻ , മൽഏസിയൻ , സിംഗ്യാപോരീൻ , ഥെ

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User Reviews

a) Very nice ambiance. We went there on a cloudy windy afternoon, and it was really nice.
b) Very good drinks as well. I was thrilled to see a restaurant (finally) which serves sparkling wine by glass. Alas it turned out they had it on their menu but not in stock.

c) Very limited menu. Vegetarians can totally avoid.

Tasty Tangles is a beautiful restaurant serving some amazing food at not so high prices. I have never had such delicious spring rolls, potato saute and Thai noodles. Their mango dessert is just out of the world. A must try for all the foodies...