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93, അരകോത് രോഡ്‌, ലക്ഷ്മി റ്റാവര്സ്‌, 4ടീ.ഏച്. ഫ്ലോര്‌, കോദമ്ബക്കം, ചെന്നയി - 600024, Tamil Nadu
നിയര്‌ കോറ്റക് മഹിംദര ബ്യാംക്‌


Services: ഹൌസ്‌കീപിംഗ് സര്വിസെസ് പ്രോവൈഡര്
Cleaning Services: ബാഥ്‌രൂം ക്ലീനിംഗ്, കിചെൻ ക്ലീനിംഗ്

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Good Service, Not an easy job, definitely needs appreciation!!! Rs. 200/- per visit is not very expensive in todays cost of living
if it is really water marks only , pl l ask the person to give his house address and phone nos anybody can go and see his western toilet condition which is very badly maintained even i have personally visited his house he wants to remove the stains within a service, how it is possible? we told clearly to the customer it will not go at a time we have to do minimum of 5 to 10 services it depends upon the rest room condition when they signing the contract he himself has agreed that his restroom is bad, Even this customer has come to us by reference only, Almost all our clients come to us through referral basis only. For any further clarifications you can call us directly on 42046607/08
reasonable charges and good service, would certainly recommend
Gud Service and value for money
Indeed a good service. I beg to differ about the guest comment which is misleading. If a toilet is maintained badly they cannot make it new, i am using their services since the last 4 years and am very happy with them, of course there may be some disturbances due to labour issues which are expected. By posting such cheap comments we are only discouraging such ventures coming to our country. In fact their service is a boon for working couples like us where we do not have the time to do all these chores. The guest who did not disclose the name said the foll: 1. bad value for money - as far as i know their charges are around 200/- per visit with all materials on an AMC - can any one give it at a lesser price than this? i really doubt. 2.In ... View More
1. bad value for money
2. the admin people will talk rude to you.
3. you have to keep calling them to keep up the appointments.
4. archaic cleaning techniques
5. if your toilet has water marks they will call your bathroom "public toilet"
6. their contract includes provision for unilateral cancellation of contract without valid reasons.
certainly a good service, will strongly recommend to every one. rates are also viable and affordable when it is calculated for one full year with all materials.
Good services indeed. I also live in kodabakkam and am their customer for the past three years.My elderly parents are indeed benifitted because of this service. Some one who has real grudge against them only would have given such posts just to mislead the customers.
such a service has to be welcomed as there is no one to do this for residences. This is a comment with pure grudge or some one who has worked and left this company and want to create a dent in their reputation.
if any one has any doubts why dont the person directly call the company and find out instead of badmouthing.
. I think there are many self reviews on this site. I live in kodambakkam and been under contract for one year. staff is rude. You have to follow up, beg them to come to your house. We made the mistake of paying up one year in advance. Once money changed hands they behave like they are your boss. Its their staff who are rude. I will never subscribe to them again.
good service by pegasus, i am their customer for the third year and they do a thorough job. happy to be with them.
whoever gives a negative comment, must have been prejudiced against the company, other wise who would critcize this kind of service. Now a days we do not even get a servant maid, and some one is there to do it , we hv to encourage them and not post such remarks.
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