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Shopping Mall
 04442133500, 04442133600
172, അരകോത് രോഡ്‌, വഡപലനി, ചെന്നയി - 600026, Tamil Nadu
അപോജിട്‌ വിജയാ ഹസ്പിറ്റല്‌


Pubs: നോ
Parking: കവര്ഡ്
Restaurants: പോന്‌സ്വാമി ഹോറ്റെൽ, ഫൂഡ് മൾ
Entertainment: കമലാ ഥിയേറ്റര്‌

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I agree. I had a similar bad experience.
Please avoid "options". It is an electronic store right at the entrance owned by Abdul.
I bought a HDMI cable from him that did not even last a week. I understand that they sell counterfeit products including sony handycams. Avoid mobile phones too - they sell refurbished products as originals.

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