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മെര്ലിൻ ഹോമെല്യാംഡ് ഷപിംഗ്‌ മൾ, 18-ബീ, യൂനിട്‌ 13-14, 101-102, ഗ്രൌംഡ്‌ ഫ്ലോര്‌ & 1സ്ട്രീറ്റ് ഫ്ലോര്‌, അഷുതോഷ് മുഖര്ജീ , കോല്‌കാതാ - 700020, West Bengal
ഇൻ മെര്ലിൻ ഹോമെല്യാംഡ് ഷപിംഗ്‌ മൾ


Products - Sets: ബെഡ്‌രൂം സെറ്റ്, കിചെൻ സെറ്റ്
Products - Storage: അഫിസ് സ്ടോരെജ് ക്യാബിനെട്സ്
Products - Seating: കമ്പ്യൂറ്റര് ചെയര്സ്, സോഫാ
Make: വൂഡെൻ
Type: ഹോം ഫര്നിചര്, അഫിസ് ഫര്നിചര്
Type Of Furniture: ബീൻ ബ്യാഗ്സ്, ബെഡ്‌രൂം, ഹോം, അഫിസ്, സോഫാസ്
Accessories: സീ.ഡീ. ഹോല്ഡര്സ്, കി ഹോല്ഡര്സ്
Products - Surface: ബഡ്, കഫീ റ്റെബല്, കമ്പ്യൂറ്റര് റ്റെബല്സ്, ഡ്രെസിംഗ് റ്റെബല്, സ്ടഡി റ്റെബല്
Products - Other: ക്യാഫെറ്റ്യാരിയാ/രെസ്ട്രംറ്റ് ഫര്നിചര്

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User Reviews

My Very bad experience with this type of store and they misguide us by taking the advance on booking but not able to deliver the product and also not returning our advance. They are cheater and commit fraud by taking booking amount and harassing the customer.
I took curtains and wallpaper.The service provided by them was excellent and workers were hassle free and employees were very good.
A very good experience doing business with entity furniture.The quality of sofa set is very good and the design was very unique with a very reasonable price.I also recommended some of my friends and they are even happy with the quality. :) :) :)
I also have a very very bad experience with them, It was my biggest mistake to do business with them ... Plz don't do any work with them it will only end up in frustation.
It is simply a filthy place for doing any purchase....ANIRBAN MUKHERJEE 98300-83200
I regret having done business with this place. They forced us to buy their product, despite the fact that we had ordered for only one product- a sofa set. However, they held on to our rightful thing even after we had made the full payment, and did not transport it to our place, unless we bought another product. This was in very bad taste! We had talked about buying a dining table when we went to the shop. However, having just got married, we found a dining table table sitting at our rented place. It was a Sunday when we got back home. And we had made the order on Saturday evening end of May. We called Entity on Monday itself to have only the sofa sent to us. Despite incessant pleading they did not listen to us. They lied to us having alr ... View More