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മെര്ലിൻ ഹോമെല്യാംഡ് മൾ, 332, 18-ബീ, 3ആര്.ഡീ. ഫ്ലോര്‌, അഷുതോഷ് മുഖര്ജീ രോഡ്‌, കോല്‌കാതാ - 700020, West Bengal
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Flooring - ഡീലര് ,  Flooring - ഡിസ്ട്രിബറ്റോര്
വൂഡെൻ ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, ല്യാമിനെറ്റെഡ് ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, ഇംജിനിയര്ഡ് വൂഡ് ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, സലീഡ് വൂഡ് ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, പ്യാര്ക്വെറ്റ്, ആഉട്‌ഡോര് ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, ഡെക്, വിനൈൽ ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, തര്കെട്ട്, ഹെറ്റെരോഗെനിയ്സ് വിനൈൽ, സ്പോര്ട്സ് ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, ഹസ്പിറ്റൽ ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്, ഫാര്മാസ്യൂറ്റികൽ ഫ്ലൂരിംഗ്


Business Description

Square Foot offers premium quality floor coverings across a wide array of product categories. The brand is an Indian based flooring solutions offering high end wood based flooring solutions. Having stemmed from the Saraf family business of wood related floors, Square Foot aspires to be an international brand providing flooring solutions of the very best quality sourced from the world over. Square Foot was evolved through an in-depth understanding and analysis of architect and customer requirements - and was incorporated in the year 1995. Today, equipped with exclusive designs sourced from 8 countries across the world, Square Foot has exclusive showrooms in 9 metros with operations in 42 cities. The showrooms are in Bangalore, Chennai, Goa,... View More

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User Reviews

I would highly recommend Square Foot. Out of all the flooring vendors, I found they are the best!
The SquareFoot staff that installed flooring at my place was highly professional and knowledgeable. I just love my new floors!
They are very knowledgeable about wood floors and also has great customer service, I would definitely recommend Square Foot
I was most satisfied with the communication and friendliness of the staff along with product quality.
I am an interior decorator and i always use wooden flooring from Square foot. None of my clients complained me about their flooring. All credits to Square foot.
Recently installed vinyl flooring at my home are from squarefoot. They have exceptionally great flooring options. Prices are unbeatably good and fall in a common mans budget and an amazing team of experts to rely on.
My office has laminate flooring installed by square foot. They have very beautiful range of laminate flooring.
We required wooden flooring for our Hospital. We took quotation form 3 suppliers and found that Square Foot offered us best rates.
I am an architect and my client wanted wooden floors for their hospital flooring. Quality flooring was the primary factor for my client so I recommended Square Foot to them.
I did my bamboo flooring from square foot. I am very impressed with the flooring quality they provided.
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