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അസ്ടെന് ലഊംജ് ബാര്

Bar & Pub
 09830885588, 08145817844
13, ജമീര് ലെന്‌, ബല്ല്യ്ഗുംഗെ, കോല്‌കാതാ - 700019, West Bengal
ഇൻ ഗരീയഹത് മൾ


cash, credit card
Stags Allowed: നോ
Parking: വലെറ്റ്
Entry: കവര്
Amenities: ഡ്യാന്സ് ഫ്ലോര്, ഡീ.ജേ., ഹൂകാഃ, ലൈവ് ബ്യാംഡ്
Credit Cards Accepted: മാസ്ടര്‌കാര്ഡ്, വിജാ, വിജാ ഇലെക്ട്രൻ

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User Reviews

Personal experience for last 7 years.
1) The bills are always inflated once the attendants know that you are drunk. For eg instead of 9 beers they will charge for 12. Earlier if you object they will listen to you. Not any more. They will fight & take the money out of your pocket.
2) Ageed prices are on the higher side.
3) Ageed DJ & girls are crap. Include the attendants & manager too.
4) Don't be surprised if anyone & everyone introduces himself as the owner of this place.
5) Earlier the place was ok. Not anymore.
Last avoid the place. Its your money & believe me you have better options.
What the heck- Rahul how about boys without drinks - that isn't fair either. Anyways this place not for the cool kids because it's full of losers like Rahul and their boogly girlfriends
girls are not happy without drinks in disco this is a not fair.............
I agreee 100000%
I hate going to this place.
guys, trust me I have been into all the pubs and clubs in kolkata. But never seen such a cheap crowded place. Ambiance is too poor. Price is too high equivalent to other 5 STAR hotels.
Why pay such huge money to see such a poor quality DJ and such CRAPO girls around those have no literacy of talking enogh good words. I found people throwing up every other day.
GUSY STOPP!!!!...look for a better place around.