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അമൃത് സാഗര് ഫാസ്ട് ഫൂഡ്

5, അദെഷീര് ഹൌസ്‌, 49 ഹില്‌ രോഡ്‌, ബാംദരാ വെസ്ട്‌, മുംബയി - 400050, Maharashtra
അപോജിട്‌ എക്സിസ്‌ ബ്യാംക്‌
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Catering: യെസ്
Home Delivery: യെസ്
Home Delivery Radius: 5 കേമിസ്
Amenities: ആഉട്‌ഡോര് സെറ്റിംഗ്
Alcohol: നോ
Cuisine: ചൈനിസ് , ഫാസ്ട് ഫൂഡ്
Home Delivery Call: 26406665
Veg/Non-Veg: വെജ്
Food coupons accepted: നോ
Credit Cards Accepted: നോ
AC,Non AC: നൻ ഏ.സീ.
Editor's Note
Amrut Sagar Fast Food: A small vegetarian fast food restaurant on Hill Road. Always crowded, Amrut Sagar is a non air conditioned restaurant. The menu offers a range of South Indian, Punjabi and Chinese vegetarian food as well as fast food dishes. It is known for its quick service and high turnover. The focus is the food and juices. Try any of the different kinds of Fruit Salads or the Special Falooda. The Idils, Wadas, Pav Bhaji, Dosas and Pizzas are what regulars head here for. Home deliveries are offered within the area.

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I love this place and go for Dosa on Sunday morning 2 out of 3 weeks. My favorite is a crispy Mysore Dosa Sada, with the coconut chutney on the side, washed down with a fresh lime soda, salted, followed by a chai. All for maybe 200 Rupees.

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