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മ്യാക്സിസ് സിനെമാസ്

Movie Theatre
സീ/ഓ മ്യാക്സെസ് മൾ, 3ആര്.ഡീ. ഫ്ലോര്‌, സഹര് ബ്രിജ്‌ ഭൂമി 150 രാവ്ദ്, രെല്വെ ഫ്ലൈയോവര്, ഭയന്ദര്‌ വെസ്ട്‌, മുംബയി - 401101, Maharashtra
നിയര്‌ മ്യാക്സെസ് മൾ
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cash, credit card
Reservation Number: 28142021, 28142020
Multiplex: യെസ്
Credit Cards Accepted: മാസ്ടര്‌കാര്ഡ്, വിജാ, വിജാ ഇലെക്ട്രൻ
Editor's Note
Maxus Cinemas: A six screen multiplex that has all Bhayandarites relieved that they now dont need to go to Mira Road to watch a movie in comfort. Regulars at Maxus claim the seats are really comfortable, ambience superb, sound quality in the theatre excellent and overall a very fine viewing experience. Maxus has no online bookings yet and many feel tickets are rather highly priced.

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User Reviews

always not responding 4 call
2 buy any mvie ticket,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
patheic customer care.
its very frustrating when you try calling them more than 10 time .u do get the option to select the vru once you select the option to book a ticket ,someone from the customer service just disconnect the line or they pick up and keep you on hold and then it gets disconnected ...
good cinema hall with amazing sound system...

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