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Homeopathy Clinics
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600, മരീന് ലൈന്സ്‌, ജേ.ഏസ്.ഏസ്. രോഡ്‌, പ്രിന്സെസ് സ്ട്രീട്‌ ജംക്ഷന്‌, ചീര ബജാര്‌, കല്ബാദെവി, മുംബയി - 400002, Maharashtra
നിയര്‌ വാഡിയാ ഫായര്‌ റ്റെമ്പല്‌
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Credit Cards Accepted: നോ
24 Hours: നോ
Type: രിറ്റെൽ
Home Delivery: നോ

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kindly provide email id
TO, The Zorastrian homeo pharmacy Dear sir, We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves manufacturers of excellent Brand cane suger globules & diskets. Our globules made from pharmaceuticals grade cane sugar prepared in ultra hygenic condition for dispensing of homeopathic medicines as per standarad laId doWn by homeopathic pharmacapea of india. Excellent product stand every test and can be supplied to Government Homeopathic Department. NOTE- The following substances are specially mixing A - The solid granules of sugar at centre of the globules B - Impurities and foreign matters C - Inorgan ... View More
Even my brother had some trouble of jaw disloacation and he was asked by MD doctor to go for some operation / surgery but when my father told us to try Zoroastrian homeopathy medicines we gave it a shot and to our surprise and he got cured immediately (i mean in around 25-30 days which is less considering homepoathy treatment).
Since I was not able to get your email id any where,may be i was not able to trace it, I have used this page for placing orders for the follwing remedies of 10ml dilutions and kindly let me know the amount and quote me the core banking no or if needed demand draft and favour me with these remedies as i very urgently needed these remedies since I am running free homeopathy consultation, prescription and if requireddispensing free remedies as well.I have commented on your esteemed organization which please note The Remedies I Reqire are the following NARAYANI BALANCING REMEDY FOR SUGAR NARAYANI BALANCING REMEDY FOR FEAR NARAYANI BALANCING REMEDY FOR DEPRESSION NARAYANI BALANCING REMEDY FOR DIGESTION NARAYANI BALANCING REMEDY FO ... View More
zorostrian pharmacy does yeoman service to the human society and i was one among benefitted by it very long back.their remedies are qualitative and very realiable and their postal prescriptions are appreciable.

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