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ഏ രമനെയക് ഉഡീപി ഷ്രി കൃഷ്ണാ ബോര്ഡിംഗ്

 02224142422, 02224143863, 0229999999999
ഏല്.ബീ.ഏസ്. മാര്കെട്‌ ബില്ഡിംഗ്‌, 1സ്ട്രീറ്റ് ഫ്ലോര്‌, ലിന്ക്‌ രോഡ്‌, മാറ്റുംഗാ ഈസ്ട്‌, മുംബയി - 400019, Maharashtra
അപോജിട്‌ മാറ്റുംഗാ സെംട്രല്‌ രെല്വെ സ്ടെഷന്‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: യെസ്
Home Delivery: യെസ്
Home Delivery Radius: 2 കേമിസ്
Amenities: നറ്റ് അവൈലെബല്
Valet Parking: നോ
Alcohol: നോ
Cuisine: സൌഥ് ഇന്ഡിയന്‌
Veg/Non-Veg: വെജ്
Food coupons accepted: സോദെക്ഷോ
Credit Cards Accepted: നോ
AC,Non AC: നൻ ഏ.സീ.
Editor's Note
Ramanayak Udupi Shri Krishna Boarding: Go to Udipi Krishna Boarding in Matunga for authentic South Indian cuisine served on a banana leaf. This place is famous for its South Indian thali. It is ideal when you don't have too much time. The service is quick. You will be served within two minutes of being seated. The thali costs Rs 60/- only and has a whole assortment of vegetables, chutneys and other South Indian dishes.

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Please look into the plate crefully once Rice is served to you.everything you can see hygenic but rice is very poor quality and i have to fight with so many times waiter for Some "Keeda" in the rice

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