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 02227721717, 02227706800
ഈ-1/7/സീ-9, നംദനവൻ സോസൈറ്റി, നെരുൽ സെക്ടര്‌ 10, നവിമുംബയി - 400706, Maharashtra
നിയര്‌ സൈ ബാബാ ഹോറ്റല്‌
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Credit Cards Accepted: നോ
Materials: നോ
Transportaion Mode: രോഡ് ട്ര്യാംസ്പോര്ടെര്സ്
cash, credit card
Packing Type: ബ്ലെക് സ്യാക്സ് ഫര്‌ പ്യാകിംഗ്, ബബല് ര്യാപ് പ്യാകിംഗ്, കാര്ഡ്‌ബോര്ഡ് പ്യാകിംഗ്, കലിംഗ് ഫില്ം പ്യാകിംഗ്, ഫോം ബീഡ്സ് ഫര്‌ പ്യാകിംഗ്, ഫോം കോര്നര് കവര്സ് ഫര്‌ പ്യാകിംഗ്, മ്യാറ്റര്സ് ബക്സ്, മോയിസ്ചര് ബ്യാരിയര് ബക്സ് പ്യാകെജിംഗ്, പ്യാകിംഗ് പെപര്, പെല്ലെത്സ്, റ്റച് ബക്സ് പ്യാകിംഗ്, വര്ഡ്രോബ് കാര്ടോൻ പ്യാകിംഗ്, വൂഡെൻ ക്രെറ്റെസ് ഫര്‌ പ്യാകിംഗ്
Segment: കമര്ഷൽ പ്യാകെര്സ് എംഡ് മുവര്സ്, രെജിഡെന്ഷൽ പ്യാകെര്സ് എംഡ് മുവര്സ്
Services: ഡോര് റ്റു ഡോര് ട്രാന്സ്പോര്ടെഷൻ, ഫമിഗ്യാഷ്ൻ, ലോഡിംഗ് എംഡ് അന്‌ലോഡിംഗ് സര്വിസ്, പ്യാകിംഗ് എംഡ് അംപ്യാകിംഗ് സര്വിസ്, സിംഗല് ആയിറ്റം മുവ്, ട്ര്യാംസിറ്റ് ഇന്‌സുരെന്സ്, വിയകല് ഷിഫ്ടിംഗ് എംഡ് വിയകല് ട്രാന്സ്പോര്ടെഷൻ, വാര്‌ഹൌജിംഗ് എംഡ് സ്ടോരെജ് ഫസിലിറ്റി
Type: ലോകൽ പ്യാകെര്സ് എംഡ് മുവര്സ്, ന്യാഷനൽ പ്യാകെര്സ് എംഡ് മുവര്സ്

Other Branches of Sai Packers & Movers

Near RJ Exports
Andheri East, Mumbai
Near ITM Institute
Kharghar Sector 5, Mumbai
Near Times Of India Building
Malad West, Mumbai
Near Masjid Bunder Railway Station
Masjid Bunder East, Mumbai
Near Municipal School
Panvel, Mumbai
Opposite R Mall
Thane West, Mumbai
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Vashi Sector 19, Mumbai

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Amazing company. My friend suggested me about this company. I was really happy by there work. Labours were polite, truck was total coveredand was of big size and packing done nicely as required in local shifting. nothing left behind. everything was taken properly. Thankyou sai packers.
Very pathetic service. The manager does not how to talk and very rude. Will not recommend to anybody. Moved my stuff from Pune to Nerul, the manager sent a small truck for loading which was not sufficient to move even half of my staff though I shared the list 2 weeks with all the dimension.
Recently got shifted to Kharghar from Nerul, horrible handling of items, I would never recommend anybody to them. After shifting i couldn't find my 6ft mirror made of belgian glass specially made for me by my grandpa. When i called them for it, they kept denying they have anything like that, my father told them its the sentimental value it has! They got back saying the lift got halted on other floor and labor kept the mirror there, people on that floor would have stolen it, which i can't even think of as all in our bldg are well educated and at high posts at workplace. After i denied to agree they said said the labourer broke the glass in tempo itself but nor he informed us nor agreed he did, so i called back with wooden frame on glass, for ... View More
well all done
very supportive people. thanks for doing my work urgently and in less amount... thank you kothariji
nice done
nicely done...
genuine work done done..
worth having service from sai packers. i had shifted my home from kharghar to nashik. and they came on time at 9 am and completed my work on the same day till 5 pm. I thought they will take 2 days to deliver but they told me it will be done within 12 hours. done perfectly. even they care a lot while packing crockery and glass items. even they have charged me very low quote as compared to other packer who have done my friends shifitng. thankyou very very much sai movers and packers.
Worst services. Not even one star worth. The prices are low compared to other packers and movers so you can easily fall into this trap. They don't use brown boxes (cartens) rather they use blue plastic boxes. They carry your things and items in blue plastic boxes and once you are shifted they will take their boxes back and you will find all your valuable things lying on the floor wondering what things to kee where. The labour dont care your items rather they argue when you instruct them. The bubble wrap and cello tape used are of very low quality. Once you remove cellotape you can see marks on your valuable item.
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