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 02223809955, 02223811483, 02223806501
335, ബെലാസിസ് രോഡ്‌, താരദിയോ, മുംബയി - 400034, Maharashtra
നിയര്‌ മുംബയി സെംട്രല്‌ സ്ടെഷന്‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: യെസ്
Home Delivery: യെസ്
Home Delivery Radius: 3 കേമിസ്
Amenities: നറ്റ് അവൈലെബല്
Valet Parking: നോ
Alcohol: നോ
Cuisine: ചൈനിസ് , മല്ടി-കൂസിംയ്
Veg/Non-Veg: വെജ്
Food coupons accepted: നോ
Credit Cards Accepted: നോ
AC,Non AC: ഏ.സീ.
Editor's Note
Hindmata: Wholesome, pure vegetarian fare at an affordable price, served with care and devotion. Believe it or not: the food at Hindmata is first offered to God and then served to the customers. Run by Krishna bhakts, this restaurant specialises in tasty vegetarian food made without onions and garlic. Quite a variety awaits you in the form of different types of dosas and uttapams, various Punjabi gravy dishes and yes, even onion-less and garlic-less Chinese dishes.

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