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സനസിറ്റി സിനെമാ

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സന്‌സിറ്റി സിനെമാ, ഏമ്.ജീ. രോഡ്‌, വൈല് പാര്ലെ ഈസ്ട്‌, മുംബയി - 400057, Maharashtra
അപോജിട്‌ ഷാൻ സിനെമാ
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Reservation Number: 2611705
Multiplex: യെസ്
Editor's Note
Suncity Cinema: Suncity Cinemas has two viewing halls housed in the same building and is seven minutes from Vile Parle station. The two halls are spread over four floors and it is easy to get into the wrong hall if you are not familiar with this cinema. Recheck you directions with the efficient liftman. Tickets and food are priced slightly on this high side but this ensures a good quality of viewers. Foot space is crammed making late entrants a discomfort for those already seated with much squeezing to get through. Each hall can seat 300 at these super-deluxe theatres.

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