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Dance Class
201, मन्फो पविलियन अपार्ट्मेंट, रंका कॉलनी, बीलेका हल्ली, बन्नेरघट्टा रोड, बेंगलुरु - 560076, Karnataka
नियर कूपन मॉल
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Dance Form: बॉलीवूड, फ्रीस्टील
Instructors: मिस. सुनीता
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Style: इन्डियन, वेस्टर्न
cash, credit card

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It sure takes all kinds of nutcases to make this world! Sample this arrogant lady who calls herself the proprietor of this pitiable place that goes by the name Ananya. Call her up to ask for details and she'll act like SHE'S doing YOU a favor, or it's like she's paying for your call!! This, when you're only a prospective customer. God help you and whoever else is unlucky enough to sign up...once your money's down her throat she may even ask you to help around with her household work. That's the kind of respect this haughty 'n conceitful woman reserves for customers.