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सागर क्लिनिक

 08025212160-57, 08025212158
1155, 12टी.एच. मेन, एच.ए.एल. 2एन.डी. स्टेज, इंदिरा नगर, बेंगलुरु - 560008, Karnataka
नियर फूद्वोर्ल्द सुपर्मॅर्केट
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24 Hours: नो
Home Delivery Radius: 3 के.एम.
Home Delivery: येस
Specialization: कार्डियोलॉजी, डेर्मॅटोलोगी, एन्डोक्रिंओलोगी, ई.एन.टी., गस्त्रोएँतेरोलोगीस्त, गींएकोलोगी, नेफ्रोलोग्य, ओफ्दॅल्मोलोगी, ऑरथोपेडिक्स, पॅथॉलजी, पेडिय्ट्रिश्न, साइकलॉजी, पुल्मोनोलोग्य, रॅडिय्लोगी, अरोलोगी
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, स्टार, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन
cash, credit card

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User Reviews

Very rude clinic staff. They dont accept appointments, which is fine, but when you get there and put your name on the list, they should at least follow the order on that list, instead of letting random patients walk in at any time. When I raised this issue with the reception staff, they were extremely arrogant and rude. I know clinics will not lose business because of this, but it is not okay for patients to be spoken to rudely in any circumstance, especially if the staff themselves are not doing the right thing.
One can never get an appointment for dental consultation - anytime response - slots are full. Please try next week! Wonder if there is only one overworked dentist in this place :P
I took my wife thr when she had a very bad and persistent fever along with a mild cough and congestion in throat. The doctor suggested a blood test which the clinic gladly took and the prescribed antibiotics along with an anti-inflamatory med and paracetamol. Two more days later when the fever did not come down at all, we went to another doctor who was surprised why a blood test was required when everything was clearly pointing to a bronchial infection. He even said that the antibiotic (which had cost around Rs.700) was not reqd at all! No wonder every second patient thr was getting a blood test done. Possibly the best margins in that for the clinic. Dont any doctors have any ethics? At least give the right medicines....or maybe the pharma ... View More