Movie Theatre
 08041128888, 08026648811
श्री गरुडा स्वागत मॉल, 4थ फ्लोर, तिलक नगर मेन रोड, जया नगर 4थ टी ब्लॉक, बेंगलुरु - 560041, Karnataka
इन श्री गरुडा स्वागत मॉल
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Reservation Number: 41128888
Multiplex: येस
Editor's Note
Inox: Experience Hollywood, Bollywood and regional blockbusters as you snack on popcorn in the comfort of reclining seats at the hi-tech Inox multiplex. Inox offers the complete cinema experience with state-of-the-art equipment designed to captivate your senses. A range of snacks from samosas to sandwiches is on offer. Ticket prices can be steep and depend on how new the film is and how well its doing. For a sizeable discount catch the morning show on weekdays (except Fridays and public holidays). Telephone and online ticket booking is available and recommended for weekend shows.

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User Reviews

Audio quality very bad and screens are not that good. location is also third class. does not justify the high price. go for Inox @ jayanagar central or even better gopalan innovatiom for watching movies instead
You have to search this theatre not located on main road..theatre is not good very expensive tickets.That too located in slum
Very poor service and sound effects when compared to other branches of Inox..@central its good place to watch movie
WOrst branch of INOX ever.....
ts located at a slum area
very poor in comparision with pvr or the magrath road branch itself !!!
not a good one compared to the one in garuda mall , the tickets are priced high and crowd is very poor ...
worst place to watch movie. Surrounded by slump area. Always localities beat people who come out from theater after watching movie without any reason. Avoid going to this place for evening or night shows. Even police doesn't help.

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