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क्रिएटिव हीड्हंटेर

Recruitment Agency
साऊथ एंड सर्कल, जया नगर, बेंगलुरु - 560011, Karnataka
नियर आई.सी.आई.सी.आई. बॅंक


Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Services: इट, नन इट
cash, credit card

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CREATIVE HEAD HUNTERS LOCATION JAYANAGAR 4th BLOCK hi guys, PLEASE DON'T GIVE MARKS CARD , THEY WONT PAY YOU , THEY WONT GIVE YOU EXPERIENCE LETTER BEWARE If your searching for a HR job , please don't ever join Creative head hunters.Its horrible they make your life hell. Whole family is running that consultancy , they don't even know how to be professional if you talk to guys its big problem.. they will create stories... So called SATISH , starting they ll treat you well. Later every day if u don't give offers then your dead. If you don't give offers they ll make you work till 8 PM. Its f*****g place big time you should be sourcing you cant even turn right r left, they ll be behind you only watching you every time. No proper ... View More