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Cultural Centre
 08025530121, 08025530304
870, 17टी.एच. ई मेन, कोरमंगला 6टी.एच. ब्लॉक, बेंगलुरु - 560095, Karnataka
नियर कोरमंगला पोलिस स्टेशन
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deleted photos and videos can be recovered from the phone.
This is really an unethical scene at the Indian Heritage Academy, where the safety of women & their modesty are vulnerable. Though the owner may have sided the boy, hope she take precautions where such incidents will not happen again, and she take up better responsibility & ownership of such a cultural place. As for the said victim, she did her best to bring such matters in the open. Worst case scenario, if such a video was taken & shared among friends or the internet, the cyber cell police can trace its source. Hoping for the best, the boy was not able to focus clearly & even if it did, he, running out of fear, would have probably deleted such a video immediately without even viewing it, to avoid getting caught. She can be rest assu ... View More
O my God this is scary....
Videotaped at ladies washroom in IHA Just 2 days back my friend was at Indian Heritage Academy's (next to Koramangala Police station) ladies wash room changing for her yoga classes. She suddenly noticed some moving object at the exhaust fan hole. When she observed well, she got a shock to have seen a greyish black mobile phone with the camera pointing towards her. She kept her calm, dressed back hurriedly and rushed outside to check who's there at the back of the washroom. She could see a boy in green and white horizontal stripes tee shirt running for his life from behind. Suddenly she recollected that she had seen the same tee on the servant boy (teenager)who takes care of the place. The bright coloured tee had not gone unnot ... View More