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टेस्टी डे रेस्ट्रॉंट

मोहनकुमार नगर 80 फीट रोड, येश्वँथ्पुर, बेंगलुरु - 560022, Karnataka
नियर - चौदेश्वरी बस स्टॉप
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: येस
Home Delivery: येस
Home Delivery Radius: 1 के.एम.
Amenities: नॉट अवैलेबल
Valet Parking: नो
Alcohol: नो
Cuisine: केरलिट , मल्टी-कूसिंअ
Veg/Non-Veg: नन-वेज, वेज
Food coupons accepted: नो
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
AC,Non AC: नन ए.सी.
Editor's Note
Tasty Day Restaurant: For kappa and fish curry meals, head to Tasty Day, the true taste of Kerala. Tasty Day Restaurant serves typical vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kerala cuisine. Some of their popular dishes include Sardine Fry, Vegetarian Meals with Sambar, Avial, Thorans and Fish Curry Meals. Multi-cuisine dishes are also served. The restaurant delivers food within a 1 km radius and does not accept credit cards.

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