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इंडो कंसल्टेंसी

1--116, जे.एन.वी. , बिकनेर - 330443
जे.एन.वी. स्टॅंड


Countries: ऍब्रोड, , ,
Others: एन.ए.
Course Other: एन.ए.
Country: , , , ऍब्रोड
Test: , , , आई.आई.टी., ,
Languages: , इंग्लिश, , अक्रेंइय्न
Courses: , इंजिनियरिंग, , मेडिसिन
Country: ऍब्रोड, , ,
Specilization: एजुकेशन, इमिग्रॅश्न
Segment: लेंग्वेज
Field: ऍब्रोड कंसलटेंट, इमिग्रॅश्न कंसलटेंट
Other Services: , केरियर , कॉलेज यूनिवर्सिटी सिलेक्शन - , प्रेपरेशन, प्रेपरेशन

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I really got mad, when i trust these guys. how can they break trust of people like this.

They don't have any good staff to guide.
Please please do not trust these guys these are like sugar but these AH will just take money from you and will not give anything to you.

If you are a FOOL then plz come and join them.

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